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Advantages of Growing Taller

10 Sep

So you know that you want to boost your height that extra inch, but seem to lack the necessary motivation to do so? Then, first try and convince yourself mentally that growing taller is something you seriously want; list all the benefits that tall people have and then see how they suit you and will […]

Nutrition For Growing Taller

8 Sep

The shorter kids get picked on at school. Nobody wants that.What to do about it? There’s nothing much that can be done as far as growing tall is considered. It is mostly determined by our genetics and our family. If everybody in your family is short, the chances are that you will be short too. […]

Benefits of Good Posture

5 Sep

There are perhaps a ton of reasons as to why you should maintain and strive for a good posture. As a child you probably remember being corrected and scolded for it by your mother, teachers and even a few family members. At that time, you did not know that the fuss was about and didn’t […]

Medical Problems That Stunt Growth

3 Sep

You usually start growing taller when you hit puberty and stop growing at the age of about 18 or so. You should generally not expect any growth after this age. There may be only a little growth after this age. You can achieve this by taking a proper diet and exercising. The prime factor in […]

Why Some Grow Tall and Some Don’t

1 Sep

Growing tall or at least growing till a certain height is something everybody considers highly important. A good height maybe an essential requirement for someone’s career choice or simply because they are too sick of being left unseen amongst a immensely tall people. However, one of the unfair truths of life remains that are some […]

Health Problems Due To Poor Posture

30 Aug

Poor posture, as we all know can cause headaches and shoulder aches. But the recent studies have shown that there is much more to that. Let us discuss the effects that poor posture can have on our lives. Poor body posture deepens the depression state in your body. If you slouch then, it has a […]

Yoga For Better Posture

26 Aug

Poor posture may cause you really bad problems when you grow old. People who did not give importance to their posture in their young days suffer in their older days mostly due to back problems. The importance of the right posture is realized by people in their mid adulthood, when they start to have concerned […]

Posture Myths

24 Aug

Myths surround postures are a plenty. Various people make up different notions about what they believe to be side effects of maintaining a bad posture or benefits of keeping a good posture. However, most are made up and ultimately untrue. Therefore, before you begin investing yourself in improving or maintaining a good posture, you must […]

How To Walk In High Heels

22 Aug

A lot of girls out there want to wear high heels, but for some reason, they hesitate. High heels change the way you stand. The position of a lot of your muscles such as hips, calves, feet and the back also are altered. It is quite difficult at first to get comfortable in high heels. […]

Reasons to Maintain Good Posture

20 Aug

When trying to answer the question of why you should maintain a good posture, you are basically being asked how negatively does bad posture affect you. Bad posture has a long string of side effects that eventually not only affect your personality but also your life in general. Maintaining a bad posture may not seem […]