Causes of Bad Posture

8 Aug

Ask anyone the main element that makes or breaks a person’s outer personality and they will all reply with the word ‘posture.’ A posture is the way you choose to present yourself to the world and more importantly, how you view yourself. So having a bad posture, that is, slouching and not standing or walking straight destroys the aura you are trying to portray yourself as. The reasons why some people have bad posture are varied and diverse. However, it remains true that no matter the reason for your bad posture, you hold the power to fix it and make it better.

Firstly, the most common cause for bad posture is injury. If you have injured your back or the spinal area of your body then automatically your posture gets affected severely. In saying this, it does not mean that all of you have to live with that bad posture. Back exercises and physiotherapy will be useful in helping many people with back injuries to recover not only their health but also their deteriorating posture. So, don’t let the injured back affect you or bring you down. One injury should not define your whole personality and so go ahead and invest yourself in improving that bad posture.

Unknown to most people, nutrition and diet play pivotal roles in posture too. If there is a lack of protein and vitamins in your diet then your posture gets influenced too. An unhealthy and unbalanced diet immensely reduces the flexibility of your body. Therefore, this inevitably leaves you with bad posture. The descent into slouching and not standing straight enough is a result of deficiency of calcium in the body. Moreover, unhealthy food does not provide the body with the type of strength to maintain a good posture.

Further, there are some people who simply have a habit of maintaining a bad posture. Once you begin slouching and sitting with your head and shoulders down, then gradually you get used to it. So no matter where you go, your body is immune to good posture habits and is incessant on maintaining a bad posture. So pull yourself out of this habit and be conscious of your posture when you are walking. Every time you are walking about your house, keep reminding yourself o stand straighter and to keep your back erect. Once your body adapts to good posture habits, your personality will shine.


Finally, the reason to maintain a good posture is not only limited to its huge influence on a person’s personality, rather, it also affects a person’s health. If your posture is bad then that simply means that your health is not up to par. The required nutrition that your body requires is not present. And also, it shows that you are generally lethargic and often feel burdened. So it is up to you to tackle the causes of bad posture head on and to improve it. Keep in mind that the results will not be visible immediately, but keep at it and you will succeed.

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