Exercises For Getting Taller

1 Aug

Exercises for getting taller are the best suited for children when they are growing up. This is the most natural method of increasing one’s height. It also doesn’t have any side effects as may be caused by taking steroids or any other kind of hormones for increasing height. Children can join a gym, join any type of sports or just walk for small distances as a mode of transportation. All these methods are effective ways of increasing height. These methods not only help to gain height, but also help to maintain a good posture and help increase the physical capabilities of the body, which always comes in handy when you grow up.

Stretching is very good for increasing one’s height and staying fit. When you get up in the morning you should try to stand straight with your hands vertically up and try to stretch your body as much as possible for about half a minute. Repeat the process at least three times in the morning. You can also try this exercise during your day’s work. In addition to capacitating your body to gain height, this relaxes your body and extends its stamina for doing more work.

Hanging freely on a horizontal bar is the most natural exercise of them all. Its main advantage is that it can be done by any age group. You just need to hang on a bar or even a branch of a tree, and stretch out. You can do this exercise about six times a day for twenty seconds, without exerting yourself.

Swimming is also considered a good exercise for getting taller. Swimming affects every muscle of your body and it involves a lot of stretching in moving forward during swimming. Even if you swim an hour a day it helps you stay fit and helps you grow taller. The breast stroke specially lays stress on every part of the body.

Basketball as known to everyone is a very good exercise for getting taller. It requires a lot of jumping to put the ball in the basket hence increasing the player’s height. Both kids and adult can play basketball to increase their height as well as stay fit.

When children are at their growing age, their body is like rubber. The more you stretch it the more it elongates. Hence exercises for getting taller are best suited for growing kids. Most of these exercises include stretching through various techniques, laying stress on various different parts of the body for its increase in height.

The first specialized technique is the cobra stretch. It a newly developed way of stretching. In this you need to lie down on your stomach. Lift your head, facing upwards, supported on your hands. Arch as far back as possible for about fifteen seconds. This exercise is suited specially for increasing height.

Next up is the super cobra exercise. You should start with your arms perpendicular to the floor. Your spine is arched in the starting. This is also the end position of the cobra stance. Now you have to lift your body so that your body makes an inverted v position. This stance should last around fifteen seconds and can have about five repetitions.

In cat stretch get down on your knees and hands with your hands locked. Now, as you inhale in, bend your back downwards and lift your head up. While exhaling, bring up your spine in an arch and your head straight. Each stance in this exercise can last up to seven seconds and the repetitions can be about six. This exercise helps in increasing the height of your back and also makes it strong.

The basic leg stretch is one of the oldest aerobic stretching exercises. In this exercise, while sitting down on your hips, spread apart your legs. You should always try to keep your knees as straight as possible. Touch the toes of your leg with corresponding hands. Try to reach out for one of your toes. Now reach for the other toe. You should stretch your body as much as possible, and not allow the spine to arch. This exercise works on both your spine and legs for increasing your height.

The bridge requires you to lay down on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor as close to your hips as possible. You have to grab your ankle with your hands. Lift your belly vertically upwards. This stance of the exercise can last up to eight seconds. This exercise maybe hard to do in the beginning but persistent efforts will help you in the long run.

Next exercise is the table. In this exercise sit down with your legs stretched forward, and your hands next to your hips. Bring your head back, as far as it would go. Now lift your body so that your hands and legs below the knees are vertical. This stance looks like a table. This exercise is also hard to do in the beginning. This stance can last around fifteen seconds.

The bow down needs you to stand straight with your hands on your hips. Keeping your hands on your hips bend forward as far as you can go. Try to keep your legs straight. These stances can last around five seconds.

Next up is the yawn. Standing straight with your hands crossed behind your head, bend your spine and neck backwards as far as possible. This exercise should be done empty stomach. Each stance can last up to fifteen seconds.

Hands on head bow down. In this exercise you need to stand with your hands behind your neck. Now bend your body forward so that you chin is near your knees. Try not to bend your knees. Do these repetitions for five times for six seconds.

In wall stretch you need to stand up against a wall and reach out vertically with your hands. Stretch as far as possible, standing on your toes. This stretch is harder than it looks because your spine is flat on the wall and you cannot bend it.

In straight leg ups, you lay down on your stomach with your hands behind your head. Now raise one of your legs as high as possible. Repeat the process with other leg. These stances should last about five seconds and can have about ten repetitions.

In downhill exercise you need to stand straight with your hands behind you holding each other. Now bend forward, as much as you can. Repeat for three to five times with duration of about five seconds.

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