How to Grow Taller In A Week

29 May

Wondering How to Grow Taller In a Week?

Many people believe that they are just too short.  Perhaps we really should have eaten our vegetables, and avoided coffee during high school!  Whatever the reason is that you think you missed out on the “tall people train”, you still may be able to gain an inch or two in a single week.  Now, this is no gimmick, as some of these tips and tricks are mere common sense solutions.  You won’t be drinking a miracle snake oil potion, and you won’t be taking a pill to grow taller.  Believe me, if there were such a thing, then Tom Cruise would be taller than Katie Holms by now.  I digress, so let’s begin.

The Quick Fix

Let’s get the obvious quick solutions out of the way.  For instance, appearing to look taller is the first thing you should tackle.

Of course, posture is key.  Even if you are eight feet tall, if you are doubled over in your chair because you just have terrible posture, you are going to look like you’re four feet tall to someone who doesn’t know you.  Make sure that you are standing, sitting, lying with your spine as straight as possible.  This will actually be the easiest part of how to grow taller in a week.

Always make sure that your shoulders are back, and that your chin is not up, but straight out.  Avoid sticking your “tummy” out, and do make sure that your spine is not curved like an “s”.  If you sit straight, then that will train your body to be taller.


This may seem like cheating, but if you are wondering how to grow taller in a week, then there is a pretty good chance that you need a quick and easy fix.  So, what you need to do is hop on the Internet or go into your local shoe store, and find some elevator shoes.  These shoes can be both stylish and comfortable, but their main function is going to be the fact that they can lift your height 1-5 inches.  How to increase height in a week will reveal that this is by far your most effective choice during the course of a week.  With this option, you will not be out of luck.

Often times, these shoes will give you a spinal adjustment.  Many elevator shoes are in existence to protect posture, and they can also assist in keeping the spine in working order. You might have had some experience with elevator shoes if you were in any kind of physical therapy for back problems.


If you aren’t stretching, then your spine lengthening efforts will go astray.  Stretching is the most important part about gaining an inch or so, for the simple fact that your body has the height, you just need to let it come out.  Stretching will get you to your true potential.

If you are deciding to stretch on how to grow taller in a week, then the best ones you can do will be anything that stretches your lower back.  So, that will the ones that make you touch your toes or “bend in half”.  If you stretch your lower back, then you relieved many knots that keep you from sitting and standing up straightly.

Last, always make sure you are taking in plenty of calcium, amino acids, and proteins, as these will be essential for healing the places that you’ve stretched.  If you can heal quickly, then how to grow taller in a week will actually be pretty easy.  Your body needs the materials in order to perform the task at hand.

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