How To Increase Height Naturally

23 Jul

It is tough being short!

increase height naturallyIn today’s world, being short is a very undesirable physical trait by most standards. People want to be tall, towering figures, able to spot someone across a huge crowd because you can see over everyone’s heads. People want to be able to slam dunk a basketball, and not get rejected from roller coaster queues. Despite the fact that it may seem silly to certain people, there are a lot of folks out there that experience serious self esteem issues because they are not tall.

Why are people upset about being short?

Being shorter than average, especially for men, can significantly impact your confidence in a negative manner. Men are expected to be tall, dark, and handsome, and if you are short, you will never get to experience the joys of being too tall to fit into a storage shed.

However, all jokes aside, self esteem issues stemming from a lack of vertical prowess can be a gigantic hurdle in some people’s lives, and should be taken very seriously. If you are concerned about your height, and want to explore the idea of potentially gaining a small amount (even after puberty) to help your confidence, read on.


Not the dreaded eight letter word that every single treatment plan for every single condition calls for! Yes, exercise is extremely important facet of how to increase height naturally. However, although it can greatly impact how tall you are, not all exercises have an effect on your height. In order to squeeze the most out of your exercise, you will need to spend a little extra attention on the abdominal and back areas.

These exercises will help improve both your posture and your body strength, which will ultimately allow you to carry yourself better. In addition, the vertebrae in your spine can over time become compressed. While each vertebrae only compresses a fraction of a millimeter, you have to consider that if every vertebrae did this, it could potentially add up to some serious height. This is why you need to exercise and stretch your back, because you can unlock that quarter or half inch from your spine alone!

Eat right

Yes, another suggestion involving a lifestyle change. Did you think growing taller was going to be easy? Here is the deal, when you eat terrible foods like fast food and junk food, you are doing your body a great disservice. Fatty, high calorie foods wreck havoc on the body and are responsible for many illnesses and conditions that could be avoided simply by eating right.

The body demands certain vitamins and minerals in order to grow, so you need to eat right. Vegetables, fruits, and milk are quickly going to become staples in your new found lifestyle, and are not only great for adding a bit of height over time, but they are also healthy and increase your overall health when compared with bad foods.


The last answer to the question “how to gain height naturally” involves sleeping habits. When you sleep, although scientists are still not entirely sure how, your body regenerates and relieves something known as sleep pressure. This regeneration process is extremely integral and serves as the last piece to the puzzle.

When you exercise and eat right, all the beneficial progress you make can be thrown out the window if you do not let your body recuperate itself for a certain period of time every night. Therefore, if you have any intentions of growing taller, it is mandatory that you sleep for a full six to eight hours every night without fail.

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