Is There Any Way To Get Taller

28 Jul

way to get tallerIf you’re past 25, and you still feel shorter than you would like, then you may feel as if you’re up the creek.  There are a lot of us with self-image problems about our height, and in fact, over 70% of all people wish they could change that.

Being taller has the advantage of being more dominate, self asserting, and even more successful at everyday endeavors.  Is it any wonder why countless people wish that they could become a taller person?  This is one reason why there are companies everywhere that are selling “get taller potions”, and other gimmicks.

Of course, the only thing that these gimmicks and scams serve to do is to take your hard earned case.  This is unfortunate, because they play on the feelings of inadequacy from many good people.  So, whatever you do, if you find a “magical pill” on the Internet, that claims to make you taller in 2-4 months, then walk away and leave them be.

How To Get Taller Anyway

If you’ve gone past puberty, you may still be asking is there any way to get taller?  The answer is both yes and no.  It is no, because you are finished adding height to your growth plates, and if you are not, then you may want to see a doctor.  (As that is a pretty good sign of certain conditions and disorders.)

However, you can in fact increase your height using the materials that your body already has.  For instance, if you slouch, then you may be losing a good 2 inches.  Ceasing to slouch is the fist way to add height to your form, so it is crucial that you make sure to stand and sit up straight.
Is there any way to get taller?  The answer is definitely, yes.  If you think of your spine as a crimped and crumpled cord, then you will know how to fix the problem.  Our routinely bad posture is always taking a toll on our muscles and spinal cord.  So, if you decided to do stretches and correct that posture, then you can realize that “cord’s” full length.  While, no, you may not be growing taller, you are still appearing taller.

This is the closest thing you can get to is there any way to get taller.  The other ways are nothing more than quick, and temporary fixes. This way is actually halfway between organic and natural growth, and a simple posture change.

Other Fixes

If you are looking become taller in mere days, then make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job.  The last thing you want to do is to compromise on your appearances, so you may want to spend some money here.

Buying good elevator shoes can be a great option for is there any way to get taller.  Good, quality elevator shoes will keep your feet comfortable, not be apparent as to the intent of wearing such shoes, and they should be affective.  Good elevator shoes will give you somewhere between 1-5 inches, which is a huge leap in terms of people height.

Overall, your best bet is to do the stretches, as those are likely to be your most permanent fixes.  You should always make sure to sit and stand up straight, as well as keeping your spinal column from shifting.  This will have great health implications, even preventing against arthritis.  If you are asking the question of is there any way to get taller, then just make sure you do the things listed here and you will gain at least 3 inches.

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