Is There Any Way To Grow Taller

26 Jul

Answers to the question “is there any way to grow taller” with exercise ideas included.


Have you ever wondered “is there any way to get taller?” Chances are that if you have done any research at all on how to increase your height, you have a good idea of how integral exercise can be in the process. Unfortunately, not all types of exercise will increase your height, however a few in particular will allow you to enjoy tangible height increases if you commit to a routine.

The Spine

In your body, the spine serves as a highway that links up the brain and lots of parts of your body. The spine is extremely complex and vulnerable, and breaking it can paralyze you for life. The spinal column is extremely strong however, and has a lot of ways to protect itself, because it is responsible for not only communicating messages to your body parts, but also physically holding up your entire torso, both arms, and your head. That is a lot of weight, and given how effortless it is, gives you a good idea as to how strong the spine really is.


The Vertebrae

Of the components that make up the spine, the vertebrae are the largest, and consist of thirty three bones that cease any form of growth as soon as you leave adolescence. Trying to grow your vertebrae is meaningless, because those bones are not getting any bigger no matter what you do.

The Cartilage

Sandwiches between each individual vertebrae is a wedge of cartilage that functions as a form of padding for each vertebrae and allows your spine a larger range of movement. As you go about your daily routine, these discs of cartilage slowly become compressed and lose mass. This loss of cartilage directly impacts your height. In order to combat this, you will need to exercise regularly and perform unconventional exercises that target the vertebrae

The Muscles

All of the muscles holding your spine together are ultimately responsible for your overall posture, and as you may already know, posture plays a big part in perception. An upright, enthusiastic posture gives up a vibe of being tall, whereas a slumped posture can betray your actual height. The goal of examining the muscles is that if you strengthen them, you will retain a better posture and appear to be taller.

Is There Any Way To Grow Taller By Exercising?

Absolutely so! By performing very specific exercises that target the spine, you can regrow the cartilage between your vertebrae by giving them room to expand, and by increasing the size of the muscles in your spine, you can assume a taller posture.

The Cobra Stretch

This exercise is a two part stretch. The first part requires you to lay down on your stomach and keep your legs next to each other. Now, steadily arch backwards until your head is as high as it can go, using your hands to hold your torso up.

The Forward Bend

To perform this exercise, you will need to sit down on the ground and put your legs together in front of you. Slowly reach outwards with your hands, towards your toes, and stretch your hamstring muscles in addition to your spine. Over time you will be able to reach further and further, so if you can not reach your toes the first attempt, do not worry.

The Reverse Bend

Begin by laying flat on your back, with your hands facing down and lying next to your hips. Now, begin slowly raising your feet together. Keep going until your feet go as far backwards as they can. This will often involve your legs going all the way over your head if you are flexible. This decompresses the spine and allows for the cartilage to grow.

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  1. Ahmed September 10, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    can any of u say if i’m still able to grow 6 7 cm?im 17yrs and 10 months and grew about 2.5 cm sine the last 10 montashnd my height changes 2 cm in the morning and at night any one got any idea if i’m still able to grow?