Neutral Spine Through Postural Exercises Increases Height

20 Sep

Majority of adults are constantly wondering how they can increase their height further. The common misconception is that growth stops after the adolescent years. Growth spurt happens throughout our teenage years. There is a substantial increase in height, as hormones start to increase production at a faster rate. The body also releases large amounts of the human growth hormone or HGH during teenage years. Although this is the case, we should discount the notion that we cannot grow any taller after puberty years.

One factor that affects our height is posture. You may be beyond your teenage years, but you can still grow tall by developing a neutral spine. A lot of us believe that sitting straight or arching the lower end of the back will help straighten up the spine and help us to achieve a better posture. However, this is not true.

Medical experts point out that people who regularly practice straightening up their spinal area do not have good posture. In fact, there is no such thing as a straight spine. A neutral spine of an individual with good posture has three natural curvatures along the length of his spinal column.

  • In the upper cervical region, there is a slight extension of the topmost vertebra
  • In the mid-thoracic area, there is a natural backward curvature
  • Lastly, in the lower lumbar region, there is minimal forward curvature or slight Lordosis

cervical thoracic lumbarThese three natural curvatures all contribute to proper alignment of the spine. Any deviation from the neutral spine is known to be bad for spinal health and compromise the overall appearance of an individual’s body frame.

Taking all these facts about neutral spine in consideration, we should realize that sitting up straight and overly arching our lumbar spine forward is not a good practice. It severely impacts the intervertebral discs in a negative way. In order to avoid this, one should practice postural exercises instead. Not only will you attain good posture, an extra benefit of doing these physical exercise routines is that you can increase your height to three inches. The height increase by observing good posture may not be substantial, but such benefit can actually increase one’s self esteem and confidence.

There are different exercise categories that can help you develop good posture, which in turn can result in an increase of height. Increase in heart rate due to workout such as aerobic exercises can potentially stimulate the production of human growth hormones by the anterior pituitary gland. An increase in growth hormone concentration will then trigger height increase and growth development.

Stretching exercises focus on elongating not only the spine, but also both the upper and lower extremities. The spinal column, if properly aligned, can add as much as two to three inches of height. This isn’t height increase brought about by human growth production. This increase in height is brought about by developing a neutral spine and practicing good postural habits at all times.

It is undoubtedly hard to maintain good posture, as there will be instances when a neutral spine is the last of our worries. In addition, since people who have poor posture are already used to slouching, their spinal curvature unfortunately goes back to its unhealthy position overtime.

Since it is virtually impossible to develop good posture within a short period of time, the best thing you can do to increase your chances of growing taller is to implement the following stretching exercises on a daily basis. You don’t even need to sign up for a gym membership to execute these exercises. All you need is to free a couple of minutes from your busy schedule and perform these height-enhancing grow taller exercises.

Cervical Spine Stretching Routine

cervical spine stretchAs mentioned above, the cervical spine naturally extends upwards. To encourage this vertebral extension, what you can do is sit straight on a chair with your arms dangling on both sides. You need to be relaxed when performing this stretching routine. Face forward and lower your chin towards your chest. Make sure that your chin touches the upper part of your chest. Hold this position for 5 seconds, and then slowly bring your head back to its original position.

You can do the cervical spine stretching exercise in as short as 5 minutes. You can even do this in between your breaks in the office. Do not extend your upper spine for too long, since this will only cause pain and discomfort as well.

Side to Side Neck Stretching Routine

neck stretchYou may already be familiar with this exercise routine, but you may not be aware of the benefit that it can bring to the improvement on your height. This exercise is mostly done before the start of most exercise group routines.

Again, by sitting straight and your feet flat on the floor, slowly extend your next on one side for three second, and then to the other side. Make sure that the tip of your ear touches your upper shoulder. Do not raise your shoulders just so your arms and shoulders can meet. At first, it will be extremely difficult for you to perfect this routine with relative ease. However, as you practice this regularly, your neck muscles will be more flexible, thus enabling you to stretch your neck further down the side of your shoulders.

Neck Upward Stretch Routine

This is an easy exercise that you do not even need to stand up or assume a rather difficult position to execute. This exercise routine can be done after successfully doing the two stretching exercises above. All you need to do in this third routine is to pull your neck upwards as far as you can.

Just imagine that a string is pulling your hair up. Once you’ve already stretched your neck as far as you can, hold it in that position for three to five seconds. Lower down your neck at its normal position. Repeat this routine five to 10 times daily. This will ease any upper back discomfort that you may have due to poor posture.

These stretching exercises will not provide you with instant height increase results. However, if you practice these three routines overtime, you will definitely develop a better posture, that which is good to your overall health and well being.

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