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Adopt The Right Fashion To Look Taller

30 Sep

Some actors/celebrities appear to be tall despite their short height. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer is quite simple. It is the designer suits which make them look taller. The most important thing is, they know how to wear and what to wear. The following fashion tips will help you look taller with […]

Stand TALL: Increase Your Growth Hormone

28 Sep

Health consciousness is the current trend, with everyone paying more attention to how they look and feel inside; it is no surprise that HEIGHT seems to be gathering a fair amount of interest. Well, where there is an interest; there is always room for a market and scope for money. There has been an increase […]

Tips For Men To Look Taller

26 Sep

Men with short height have a grudge in them. That is “why I am so short?” It can be really frustrating to feel that you are unnoticed when you walk into a party and the presence of taller men adds to your frustration. Men with a good height always catch the attention, their presence seems […]

How To Walk Gracefully

24 Sep

Very few of us actually walk with the poise that we should. We all wish we could look and pose like the models we see on the cover of magazines. They are tall, confident and glamorous- everything we ever wanted to be. But how do they achieve it? It is just because of knowing the […]

Few Workouts To Enhance Your Height

22 Sep

Some height increasing workouts, along with correct diet and healthier life style, may help assist the growing process. However, for an adult to grow taller considerably is something that has not been proved with substantiation by medical science. Young people who are under the process of growing may notice some improvements, especially if they stick to the dietary advice. […]

Unnatural Ways of Growing Tall

20 Sep

Now–a-days, people have even resorted to unnatural and painful methods for increasing height. Even surgical methods have developed that help in curing bone disorders and increasing height. Doctors artificially lengthen the limbs of a patient with the aid of orthopedic devices. One such method is distraction osteogenesis, also known as callus distraction, callotasis and osteodistraction. […]

Fashion Tips For Ladies To Look Taller

18 Sep

If you’re short, then your height can at times be a serious hurdle to your style. Science is yet to develop any definite methods that would help you add few extra inches; however, there are certain tricks, which might help you “look” a bit taller, than what you actually are! In this article, I shall try and […]

Problems Faced By Tall People

16 Sep

Tall people face more problems than average heighted people. There is a large list of problems faced by tall people. Let us discuss them. People are always asking tall people to reach out for things kept at heights, where they cannot reach. This is one of the most common socially awkward positions, which the tall […]

A Brief On How To Look Taller

14 Sep

Fashion is nothing but magic and magic is all about illusions. The right style and color of clothes will give you a thinner and taller look. As I said, fashion is all about illusion! If you can hide your pimples using some facial makeup, then you can certainly add a bit to your height, by […]

Pilates Exercises For Growing Taller

12 Sep

Pilates is a system of physical fitness training developed I the early 20th century by a German named Joseph Pilates. This system is highly popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. Pilates was introduced as an art of controlled movements, which give you the feel of a workout when performed. It emphasizes on […]