Abdominal Exercises To Increase Height

22 Sep

The muscular system greatly impacts your body’s overall potential to grow taller. Even after puberty, you still can increase your height. There simply is no need for you to undergo surgery just so you can increase a few inches. Why spend cash on something that you can develop naturally. All you need to have is a whole lot of determination and patience.

Yes, it is a bit hard to believe that you can still increase your height further after your growing teenage years. Many have lost hope that they can still become an inch or two taller when they reach their 20s. However scientific research and studies have well proven that the body continues to undergo height increase despite advancing age. The better news aside from this fact is that everyone has the chance to grow taller naturally without having to work too hard for it. The secret to growing tall is taking good care of your body.

You may be wondering why are taking good care of your body and health considered as contributing factors to an increase in height. It should be noted that our anterior pituitary gland does not stop in its production of growth hormones. After growth spurt, our brain still releases chemicals that stimulate the production of growth hormone. The only difference from its production after puberty is the amount of HGH that is being released by the pituitary gland. There is a decrease in production of growth hormone, and release of this hormone is only stimulated when we perform certain activities that trigger its production.

One of the most tried and tested ways to increase your height is by doing core, abdominal exercises. Physical workout routines, especially those that increase metabolism alter the release of certain chemicals in the body. Some of these components signal the brain to release human growth hormones. However, not all workout routines facilitate height increase.

Time and tested routines that sure to make you grow taller are abdominal exercises. How can exercise movements that target the core abdominal muscles cause an increase in height, you ask? The more you slim down or lose weight, the more your abdominal muscles will pull itself inwards, helping your lumbar area to assume proper alignment. Abdominal exercises also lengthen the anterior part of your body. When one loses weight due to regular physical workouts, the muscles in the abdominal area lengthens. The lengthening of muscular tissues also results in height increase.

Abdominal exercises that focus on slimming down your lower abdomen and midsection will enhance the strength of the lower back too. Do you notice how slim people look much taller, compared to those that are overweight and obese? People who have excess fat tissues in the abdominal area are more prone to bad posture, and later on in life are at risk in developing back problems and chronic discomforts. The weight of an oversized abdomen is pulled down by gravity. You may not be aware of this, but the excess weight around your waist negatively affects posture too.

If you want to avoid further weight gain, while at the same time increase your odds of gaining more inches, these ab exercises will definitely help you in your quest to stay slim and grow taller at the same time.

Abdominal Side Crunches

The motion of this abdominal ab routine stretches the entire spinal column.  It also promotes proper alignment of the spine and allows the intervertebral discs to expand to their full potential. Remember that too much compression on the spine results in minimal space in between each spinal column, which may lead to poor posture and back problems.


This routine is done by doing the following steps:

  • On a firm mat, lie down on your side
  • Extend the arm that is under your body in front of you, or better, place it in your chest
  • Bend both knees until they are at right angle to your waist
  • Raise your upper body as far as you can, or until your arms and knees meet
  • Hold that position for three to five seconds
  • Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times on both sides

Leg Raise

The leg raise exercise is proven to strengthen the middle section and your lower abdominal muscles. This routine may hurt the first few times you do it. The pain signals that your abdominal muscles are actually feeling just the right amount of pressure. You can start doing 10- 15 leg raises three times a week. Once the pain and discomfort disappears, you will be more confident and increase the frequency by which you implement this abdominal exercise.

Leg Raise

  • On a firm mat, lie down flat with your arms on the sides
  • Stretch out your legs as far as you can and slowly lift them until its straight and at right angles to the ground
  • Bring down your legs slowly. Feel the pressure on your lower abdomen. Again, this signals that your abdomen is really getting a great workout off this routine.

Lower Ab Crunch

Abdominal crunches were developed to flatten the stomach by strengthening its muscles first and foremost. Although its main focus is to shape and firm up the abdominal area, another beneficial effect of this exercise is that it strengthens and facilitates in proper alignment of the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine.

lower abs crunch

lower ab crunch

  • On a firm mat, lie flat and place the arms on your sides. Tighten your abdominal muscles as much as you can and tighten your buttocks as well
  • Raise your shoulder area a couple of degrees from the floor. Lift your head up as you do this.
  • By utilizing your lower abdominal area, raise your knees to your chest
  • Hold that position for three to five seconds. Do this 10 to 12 times, three times a week. You can increase the frequency when you’ve noticed increased strength and improved stamina as well.

It will take a long while before you notice the changes in your posture and height. However once you achieve your ideal weight and develop your abdominal muscles, you will see a significant improvement in your posture. With the increase in muscle mass, you will actually see how lean and taller you have become naturally.

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