Fix-ups For Looking Taller

18 Aug

Not all of us were born with our desired heights. Many of us tried really hard to grow tall before our growth plates closed. But that just didn’t work out. For men, being shorter than their friends is particularly troublesome.Taller men are considered to be more successful, better leaders and better at attracting women.

However, you can always make yourself look taller. There are numerous fashion tricks for both men and women and give you the appearance of being really tall. The best thing to do is embrace yourself as you are. You didn’t really have any say in the matter. It was mostly determined by your genes.

Here are a few ways by which you can make yourself look taller, whether you are a man or a woman:

a)    If you are plump, you will look shorter than you actually are. Therefore, being lean and slim will automatically make you appear taller.

b)    Do not wear lose clothing. Your height will get concealed under your baggy sweatshirts. Wearing tight clothing will help you look taller, even if it is a little uncomfortable. Also, do not wear clothes that do not fit at the shoulders or the waist. Avoid any kind of baggy clothes. For men, it is preferable to find a designer that understands your needs. You should always try on the clothes before you purchase them.

If you see that you cannot find clothes that are fit perfectly at the mall, then consider getting your clothes tailored. Make sure the tailor understands your needs. Tell him specifically that you do not want any lose cuffs, long sleeves, or any such thing. This won’t even cost you too much.

c)    Wearing clothing of a single color will not make your body look divided, and hence will make you look shorter. The trick is to make people look up and down, not side to side. If you dress such that people look up and down, you will automatically appear taller. If you don’t want to wear the same shade all over, then wear similar tones.

You should consider wearing darker shades. Black is slimming, and hence, makes you look taller. If you are wearing trousers and shirts, then choose a darker color for the trousers than the shirt.

d)    Try wearing clothes that have vertical stripes on them. Vertical stripes make the viewer’s eyes travel up and down, making you look taller. Also, do not wear clothes with large patterns. Women can also wear pleated skirts.

Strictly avoid wearing clothes with horizontal stripes. They make the viewer’s eyes travel from side to side, making you appear shorter. You should also avoid wearing checks.

e)    Women who want to appear taller should keep their hair shoulder length. Long hair can make you short. If you want to keep long hair, keep them tied up in a ponytail, or a bun. You can also get a hair-do with a puff, which will extend over your head and make you look taller. You can also highlight and put multicolored streaks in your hair.

For men also, hairstyles can really make a difference. Keep your hair short on the side, but have enough on the top so that you can spike them up.

f)     Wearing heels: Heels are probably the best thing invented for shorter people. Even men’s shoes come with a half-inch heel. You may choose high heels or even shorter heels to make yourself look taller. Pencil heels are more preferable than wedges, since they give you the slender appearance. Do not wear closed shoes. Peep-toes will do more to enhance your height. Showing more skin will make you look taller. Wearing higher heels will obviously make you look taller. Avoid shoes with ankle straps. Also avoid shoes that cover your ankles. You want to give the appearance of continuation.

For men, heel inserts may work. However, the situation may get awkward if you have to take out your shoes in public.

g)    Hats usually give the opposite result. They may be extra load on top, but they make you look shorter.

h)    Trousers and jeans: for men and women, high waist jeans and trousers will give better results than low waist jeans. Slim jeans are also a good option. They make your feel look more slender and hence taller. Dark colored jeans are more preferable. Jeans that are flared up at the bottom will also make your legs look longer naturally. Try to wear shoes that are of the same color as your jeans. Do not wear thick belts.

Strictly avoid wearing shorts and capris. They will make you look stubbier.

i)      For women: if you are planning to wear a dress, try to get one which shows your legs. Dresses with slits on the sides will make you look taller. You should also wear miniskirts with high heels. Pleated skirts will also help you in showing off the beauty of your legs.

j)      You can wear longer shirts and T-shirts to make your torso look longer. Long tank tops and tube tops also do the trick. Also, do not wear shirts that have short sleeves. The chances are, if you are short, your arms are short. You wouldn’t want to draw any attention to them. You should pick shirts with shorter cuffs.

Women should wear tops that have a V-shaped neck. A low cut is also preferred.

k)    For men: you can wear good fitting jackets to make yourself look bulkier and taller. Jackets will make your shoulders look taller. Narrow and bright ties along with suits will also help. Shirts that are longer will protrude out of your jacket sleeves, making your arms look longer. Tuck them into your trousers.

If the weather is unbearably hot, only then wear shirts with short sleeves.

l)      Accessories: Accessories will also make a great deal of difference in your appearance. Women should wear long, hanging accessories to go along with their V-shaped tops. Men can carry around pocket squares to enhance their appearance.

Avoid carrying big bags as they will make your waist and hips look bigger. Small satchels with thin straps are the best.

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