How To Increase Height

24 Jul

touch toes to increase heightYou might have thought that increasing your height (especially if you are past puberty) is like fitting a square shape into a round hole.  It just doesn’t seem possible does it?

Well, in certain senses, you are absolutely right.  Once you’re growth plates have stopped growing, then that is it for them.  Genetics and heredity have a lot to do with your growth potential, and if you are past the age of 25, then those plates have run their course.

Of course, before you’ve finished puberty, you can actually increase how much you grow by simply taking in enough proteins, amino acids, and calcium.  If you are wondering what this miracle food (or drink) is that is the best in how to increase height while you are still in puberty, the answer is good ol’ fashioned milk.  Milk is just loaded with these materials and building blocks necessary to increase prepubescent growth spurts.  This wives tale is not necessarily false.  But, what if you want to know how to increase height if you are past that age?  Well there is not much you can do to organically grow your body.  But you can still increase the appearance of your height.

The Post Pubescent Solution

One of the best solutions is to stretch.  Your body needs to be loose in order to work properly, and especially for those of us who regularly sit at a desk, we are in constant bad posture.  Sitting all day is not necessarily something that is productive to that end.

For how to increase height, you will want to concentrate your stretching on your lower back.  The reason is that this is often the most central place as to why your posture is so bad, and bad pasture equals a small height.

The best stretch is the simple toe-touch technique.  The reason for this is that it does a smashing job of aligning your spine, and it serves to keep your spinal cord from “crimping”.  When you have this stretch time after you’ve taken your shower in the morning, you will immediately notice that you are sitting correctly, and standing up straight.  To you, this may not look like much in the mirror, but to others, you will appear about 2 inches taller.

Hanging Method

One of the best ways of how to increase height is to simple hang in there!  Yes, that was a pun.  Either way, you need to either install a pull-up bar in your home, or head off to the gym.  Now this may sound a little funny, but all you need to do is hang by your hands for about a minute for three reps.  When you hang, it does the same thing that the toe-touches do, except a bit more directly.  You will actually stretch out your spinal cord, lower back, and spinal column bone structure.  The beauty of that is that you will feel great, you stand to stop lower back problems in their tracks, and you will be able to stand taller.
Now, before you even attempt these how to increase height strategies and exercises, you need to contact your doctor.

Especially if you have a history of back problems, you don’t want to do anything that will compromise your wellbeing, and your doctor will be the best one who can answer that for you.  They don’t give those medical degrees out so easily, and I would say that is a rather trustworthy person.

While you may not be able to organically grow, you will still be able to benefit with height by doing exercises.

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