Ways of Developing a Good Posture

10 Aug

The benefits of maintaining a good posture are uncountable. You look good, you feel good. You also avoid a few nasty pains and diseases. Most of all, your life will be a whole lot different when you stand and walk tall. There are several ways of building a good posture. First of all, you have to know what a good posture is, and how much you deviated from it. Stand straight against a wall then slowly move away from it without changing your posture. Now, have someone take your picture in this posture. Also, take your picture in your normal posture. Compare these two, and you will know how much work you have to do.

Few tricks to help you get what you want are as follows:

a) Stretching: Stretching is almost indispensible when it comes to improving posture. There are several stretches, for various parts of your back. For strengthening your neck, bend it sideways, then in the front, and then in the back. Do not roll it in a circle as this will make your neck pain worse.

Another useful exercise is as follows: Lie down on your back. Now, slowly raise your head, only your head, till it doesn’t touch the floor. Hold this position for a moment. Then put your head down again. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

You can also roll your shoulders to improve your postures.

b) Deep breathing exercises: Sit up straight with your legs crossed. Keep your head straight and breathe deeply a few times. Do this deep breathing exercise daily a few times. You will not only notice an improvement in your posture, but also your concentration will improve and you will feel less stressed.

c) Transfer your weight on your entire foot. Some people have the habit of leaning forward and transferring their entire weight on their toes. Some people do the opposite and transfer all their weight to their heels while walking. This is also not right.

d) Another great stretch for improving posture is: stand straight and hold your shoulders by folding your hands. Raise and drop your shoulders as many times as you want to. This does wonders without taking up too much time.

e) Doing oblique push-ups is great for improving posture. It is done in the normal push-up position, except that your one leg goes over the other one.

A good walking posture: Walking properly is just as important as standing properly. You walk into the room confidently, and everybody already knows you are awesome. All you have to do while walking is maintain the posture while you were standing, and remember not to lean forward.

Most of us have to spend time sitting in front of a computer all day. Therefore, it is important that we sit straight. We should frequently get up and walk around. We can also do some simple stretches while sitting to avoid extreme back pains. If possible, try to find a chair that is healthy for your back and keeps you comfortable. A lot of chairs have a habit of giving you nasty back aches. If you cannot arrange your own chair, carry a pillow or base mat for support. You will get more tempted to slouch as you get tired. However, avoid this.

It is not going to be enough even if you sit straight. Always get up after some time. One exercise you can to when you take a break is: Stand straight and bend your elbow. Try to touch your back with your hand. With the other hand, press you elbow. Hold this position for some time then reverse the hands.

Driving or even sitting in a car for too long will also give you a back ache and a bad posture. To avoid this, maintain a good posture while driving. Do not lean your head against the seat. Keep your head straight or you will end up feeling dizzy after some time.

Sometimes you can also injure or hurt your back lifting weight heavier than you usually lift. You will get a serious back ache if you lift something heavy suddenly. Do not bend your knees when you are lifting something heavy, bend your waist. If you are into weight lifting you can wear a belt while exercising to maintain good form.

Some of us have trouble sleeping due to back problems. The best thing to do for this is that you should not have a mattress that is too soft or too hard. If you have a chronic problem, you could use a cervical pillow that is especially designed for spondylosis patients. You should sleep on your back. Your back will be straight this way, and your neck will not be bent. If you want to sleep sideways, do not bend your neck. Your pillow should not be too thick. If your neck is bent too much, you will develop a back problem. Make sure your pillow is thin and comfortable.
Here are a few more stretches you can do to help improve your posture:

a) Lie down on your back. Bend your knees 90 degree and lift them up. Interlock your fingers and put them behind your head. Lift your neck a little and also stiffen your stomach muscles. Do this exercise in two sets of 10 repetitions daily.

b) Lie down on your stomach with your palms on the floor. Now, without locking your elbows, lift yourself up. This is different than a push-up. You do not have to lift up your entire body, just your upper body. Do ten repetitions in two sets.

c) Sit with your feet stretched out in front of you. Keep your back straight and your feet close together. Try to touch your feet with your hands. Do not bend your knees. Do this stretch 10 times daily, and you will notice in your posture.

d) Sit straight with your legs crossed. Now interlock your fingers and put them behind your head. Try to bend your neck with your hands. Do not over stress, as this may injure you.

e) Strand straight and hold one hand with the other behind yourself. Now pull your hand. Reverse hands and do this stretch 10-15 times.

You can also visualize that you have a string that is attached from your head to the ceiling. This will help you in walking straight and improving your posture.

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