Why Some Grow Tall and Some Don’t

1 Sep

Growing tall or at least growing till a certain height is something everybody considers highly important. A good height maybe an essential requirement for someone’s career choice or simply because they are too sick of being left unseen amongst a immensely tall people. However, one of the unfair truths of life remains that are some people who just grow taller than others. There are some who have that impossibly perfect height that does not leave them poking out like a sore thumb in the crowd, but enhances their personality for the better. All of us, who are not as tall as we want to be, envy these people; however, it is integral that we understand the reasons as to why some people just turn out to be taller than others.

The first reason is perhaps the most obvious: yes, it is genetics. Height is hereditary, so if you come from a line of ancestors who had a great height and were known for towering over others, then it is likely that you will be blessed with the same growth as well. But, if your family has a history of containing short heighted people, then you have your answer for the undesirable height that you has been allotted to you. This is scientifically proven and up till now it hasn’t been proven wrong. Most importantly, genetics playing a major role in a person’s height factor seems comprehensive and makes sense.

Another rather obvious reason as to why some people grow taller than others is that the tall people generally exercise more. It does not mean that they hang from monkey bars all day, but that they indulge in healthy exercise and also a healthy diet, that mends tissues in their body, which helps them grow taller. This opposed to people who do not exercise on a regular basis and indulge in unhealthy diets, eventually end up facing little growth in height. So, make sure to exercise and eat well, if shortness of height seems to be a problem for you.

Further, testosterone and growth hormones are responsible for influencing height growth as well. Testosterone, can stimulate growth in height and lack of it in the body, may limit or hinder a person from growing taller. Whereas, growth hormones that are responsible for causing stimulation in the liver are produced in the pituitary gland. These, as the name suggests help escalate your height growth. To stimulate growth hormones in your body, you should follow a certain diet and incorporate a select few vegetables in it for the best possible results.

Finally, no matter what height you have been given, you must learn to love yourself as you are. Growing taller may seem like the ultimate goal and something you may invest yourself in completely, but if you don’t achieve desired results then you must not be bogged down,. There is a reason why you were given the height you have now, so savor it and enjoy it. Surely, there are people out there who are shorter than you.

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