How To Look Taller

25 Jul

By now, you’ve probably read enough articles that will suggest that it is really difficult to grow after your plates have finished.  While this might sound a little depressing, have no fear!

There are still a bunch of little tips and tricks that you can employ in how to look taller.  The reason for this is the simple fact that we adults don’t always use out true height to the advantage.  In our posture, we sacrifice several inches, and there are other cheats that we can use in order of how to look taller.  While it might be the end of the road on the natural, organic process, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road on what we show to the world around us.

The Stretch and Posture

look tallerWhen we slouch, just think about how many inches we are losing.  When you walk with your head down and your shoulders bowed inwards, don’t you think that you are losing some height there?  In fact, the average loss in bad and marginal posture is three inches.  That’s a quarter of a foot!  When you put it like that, ceasing your slouching activities sounds like a good call.  But if you are wondering how to look taller, then what’s the best way to stop slouching?

The key is, think about it.  Any time you are sitting down, walking, standing up (basically any part of your day), try to cognitively remind yourself to straighten your spine.  When you are aware of the slouches, then you will be more apt to alter that and make it a habit.

Next, make sure you are stretching.  The morning is always the best time, but don’t do it right when you get out of bed.  Going right from resting to stretching can actually really hurt your tendons and ligaments.  It is best to stretch after your morning’s nice hot shower.  When the water heats up your muscles, it loosens them, allowing for a productive stretching experience.

Stretching will not only assist in how to look taller by bettering your posture, but it will also cause you to remove the “crimping” that is in your spinal cord and muscles.  This alone has the possibility of increasing your stature by an inch or so.

It’s In the Kicks

If you are really looking how to look taller by 1-5 inches, then you may consider checking out “elevator shoes”.  These little devices will actually add almost a half-a-foot to your height, all the while concealing the fact that they are doing so.  It is literally a ten second fix to a 21-year-old problem.

The excellent part about these footwear devices is the fact that no one will have any idea that you’ve dawned elevator shoes, giving the illusion of true height.  In addition to that, they are said to be extremely comfortable, almost like walking on foam.

Some of these elevator shoes are also clinically developed, which means that they also have the potential of improving posture by forcing your feet to align your knees and spine, all the while being a quick fix on how to look taller.  That is one of the reasons why if you are conscious about your height, then you should definitely get your hands on a pair of these shoes.
Overall, the best way on how to look taller is to keep your spine healthy by using good posture.

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