How To Walk Gracefully

24 Sep

Very few of us actually walk with the poise that we should. We all wish we could look and pose like the models we see on the cover of magazines. They are tall, confident and glamorous- everything we ever wanted to be. But how do they achieve it? It is just because of knowing the secrets and practicing.

Being graceful isn’t just about impressing people or making them envy you. You will feel good about yourself if you know how to carry yourself. You will look good in absolutely anything you wear. You will have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, practicing. You will have to be aware of your posture all the time. You will have to continuously watch your body, without actually watching it.

The best way to learn how to be graceful is to learn a dance like the ballet or salsa. These dances make you move in fluidity and in a lady-like manner. It also helps in removing rigidity from your body. The dances require you to move freely and not like a robot. Monitor your progress in front of the mirror. When you see that you are moving smoothly, you have got it.

You can practice your walk around the house. Try not to collide into anything. Walk at your normal speed. Do not walk in slow motion. Nobody does that on a daily basis. You can practice good posture by walking with a heavy book on your head. The longer you can keep the book on your head, the better it is. You can also wear heels and practice with the book. If you are walking in flats, then put all the pressure on the balls of your feet.

You should not put too much stress on your shoulders. Just keep them relaxed and lowered. Keep your neck straight and your head up. Do not take long steps. Similarly, do not take too small steps. Make sure that it feels natural. Do not lean your head forward while walking. This will make you lean entirely forward. Keep your waist movement natural. Do not force them from side to side.

If you want to wear heels, you will need to practice a little more. If you are not used to wearing heels, you will not look graceful. Instead, you will be tripping and twisting your foot all the time. Higher and sleeker heels will require more practice than shorter heels and wedges. But once you do master this, you will look even more graceful that you did with flats. If you want to stick to flats, then wear comfortable ones. Make sure your shoes fit perfectly. Look ahead, not down.

Practicing yoga will also make you feel and look graceful. It will also make you feel better psychologically. It will improve flexibility and posture. You will feel in control of your body. You may also observe your role models. You can watch videos of them walking. You should practice the same posture. Everyone who has a good posture also looks composed and confident. When you get it right, you will look great too.

Keep your diet balanced. If you have too much fat on yourself, you will not feel or look graceful even if master the posture and all. You should exercise to keep yourself toned and in shape. Only then will you be able to walk gracefully.

Do not slouch even if you are tired or sleepy. Do not drag your feet while walking. When you are walking in heels, keep your heel down first and then swiftly put your toes down. You will have to be aware of all your body parts moving in a controlled manner if you want to look graceful.

You will not look odd if you walk gracefully. Instead, you will radiate power and composure. Others will think that you are sure about yourself and will respect you.

Do not lock your knees while walking. Slight bend in the knees look good. Extend your pelvis backwards while walking. Be aware of your core muscles while walking. Also, hold your collar bones stretched out.

If you want to be a model, you will have to work even harder. Models don’t put their comfort in first place. You have to get the hang of wearing high heels even if they are your last option. You have to imagine that you are walking on a straight line, and keep one foot in front of the other while walking. Do not get fidgety if you are nervous. You have to learn to radiate confidence.

You should also dress gracefully if you want to look graceful overall. Wearing dark colored clothes- preferably black- will make you look slimmer and taller. Wear something that fits you well and looks good on you. Accessorize yourself accordingly. Do not carry dangly purses. Thin strapped purses look gentler. Do not wear clothes that are too bright. You do not want to attract negative attention to yourself. Take care of your skin and hair too. People will not love you or take you seriously if you do not love yourself. If you put in extra effort to look good, it shows that you take yourself seriously.

If you are not sure whether your posture and walk are up to the mark, you can always have a friend photograph or video tape you while walking. You can watch yourself and point out your own mistakes. You can then try to correct them and video tape yourself again. This will help you in continuously monitoring your progress. You should also have a record of how you stand and sit. If you are lagging behind in either, you can follow the same procedure that you did for walking.

To walk gracefully, you can imagine that you have a string attached to the top of your head that is slightly pulling you upwards. This way, you will never get tempted to lean your head forward and distort your posture. You can also visualize that you have a cross on your back. Constantly focus on keeping that cross straight, and you will never have a bad posture.

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