Health Problems Due To Poor Posture

30 Aug

Poor posture, as we all know can cause headaches and shoulder aches. But the recent studies have shown that there is much more to that. Let us discuss the effects that poor posture can have on our lives.

Poor body posture deepens the depression state in your body. If you slouch then, it has a negative impact on your sub conscious. This causes what we know as depression.

Bad posture affects the way that the people see you. You can have many interpersonal problems in your personal as well as your professional lives. People may think that you are not interested in them or working with them. This provides as a hindrance in the career and the well being of your personal relations with you family and friends.

When you sit with your back arched, it causes your intestines to fold too. This causes digestion problems. Your stomach will always be upset. Hence you will not be able to give your full hearted concentration to your work. Gastrointestinal pain is caused if not taken care of, which can trouble you over a long period of time

The most obvious problems are shoulder and back pain. The muscles in your back and shoulders get ruptured and hence cause pain. If not taken care of in the early stages, the pain can be really unbearable and severe.

The poor posture of the body also results in the reduced capacity of your lungs. When you sit with a slouched posture, your lungs get folded and their capacity is decreased. This does not allow your body parts to get the required amount of oxygen and causes you to get tired very soon. When you have your shoulders overly bent and have a imbalanced spine, your lings are under restriction to expand. Reduced rib mobility causes your diaphragm to stay restricted. And obviously when your diaphragm cannot rise up, you will have difficulty in breathing. If care is not taken at early stages of damage, then the damage to the lungs can be of grave nature to your body.

While the aches sty on one hand, some scientists suggest that prolonged poor body posture can bend your backbone permanently. The deformity caused will hamper not only your work but also your basic day to day work.

Poor body posture also decreases your mortality rate. With your body not functioning as it should, you are prone to die at an earlier age than your natural age. The risk of having cardiovascular diseases also increases. You can have heart attacks due to blockage in your heart veins and arteries, and believe it or not all this is due to the bad body posture that we keep ignoring it in our busy lives.

Moreover, poor body posture causes tension because of the mixed up thoughts that incur due to slouching. The brain has a systematic way of learning and remembering things. When we sit or stand distorted, it hampers this process of learning and may cause severe headaches. Poor body posture causes low self confidence and increased stress. The people who slouch, show fifteen percent increase in cortisol levels in their body. This also causes shallow chest breathing.

Fatigue is one of the common results of poor body posture. When you cannot get the proper amount of oxygen in your body, combined with the fact that your muscles are in a position that they are not meant to be, you will get tired very soon. Tired and tight muscles cannot support the skeletal system. Your muscles just have to work harder when you have a poor body posture. Lack of muscle flexibility and strength can cause muscle fatigue.

Poor body posture even helps you to look older. Not like you want to but it does. Poor body posture is considered the first sign of older age. When you have your spin bent, it can make you look about five years older than you actually are. Hence we should never underestimate the importance of good body posture.

When you slouch your stomach is forced to come out of your body line. this state can become more prominent with time. poor body posture makes you look fat. When you sit with a poor body posture your abdominal organs have nowhere to go but down and out. Experiments have shown that this kind of induced fatness is harder than normally gained fat to lose.

Poor body posture cuts your organs from receiving fluids like water and digested food. This happens due the pressure that is being laid on the muscles and other organs. This is not a good thin g for the functioning of the body.

The neck part of our body is potentially more vulnerable to get damaged than other parts of the body. The lower cervical vertebrae, namely C5 and C7 are forced to bend forward when they have a forward positioned head kept on them. The continuous pull of gravity on the head causes it to exert force on the neck. This problem is seen in the individuals whose job restricts them to look down for a prolonged period of time. People who work at assembly lines or those who sit on a computer all day long are the typical examples of this category.

There are also the long term effects of poor body posture. Some of these problems are cervical degenerative disc disease, cervical osteoarthritis, or a cervical herniated disc. Prolonged shearing of the vertebrae causes the soft tissues, the muscles and the ligaments to rupture. This damage can increase down the spine. This condition can also increase towards your shoulders and cause severe pain. In the long run your back and shoulders will get tender and even touching them might be really painful.

Hence we see that there is no advantage of poor body posture. Hence we should keep in mind the correct posture to stay in, or we can always opt for exercises like yoga and Pilates to keep your body in best posture and shape.

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