How Tall Am I Going To Be

17 Apr

Determine How Tall You Will Become

How Tall Am I Going To BeIt is a question every child has asked  a parent: How tall am I going to be? There are a lot of factors that go into determining a person’s height. Diet, exercise, genes, race and illness and disease all play a part in a person’s height. Genes are not to overlooked because those who carry tall genes will have tall children. And if your parents carry only short genes, then you will be short. Race is sometimes overlooked when determining height, but it has its own role as well.

Early Childhood Factors

There are many roles that come together to determine how tall a person will become, and it all starts while the baby is growing insides its mother. A poor diet, smoking, drinking and being around industrial chemicals while pregnant can lead to serious birth defects and deficiencies that can have growth side effects. Sticking to a diet can be nearly impossible while pregnant due to the cravings and hormonal changes, but prenatal vitamins are almost always recommended.

A child does not stop growing until around the age of 21. Until then, care must be taken to keep bones and muscles healthy. This includes a lot of exercise, healthy eating and good posture. Children who are taught these lessons at a young age find it easier to follow as an adult – it is practically second nature by then. If you fear you or your child has a growth defect, visit an endocrinologist who specializes in growth.

Chronic illness can slow or stop growth, depending on the disease and its side effects.

Growth spurts can last up to two years and add four inches a year for boys and three inches a year for girl. Boys and girls will start growth spurts at different ages. Girls typically hit growth spurts first around 9 or 10 years old, with another spurt at 11-12 years of age, which is the same time boys begin their first growth spurt. Boys usually stop a growth spurt around 13 years old. Growing ends when the growth plates fuse, which usually occurs at the end of puberty.

Down To A Science

Each child’s body has it’s own idea of when to have a growth spurt. So just because you are shorter than your peers, it does not mean you will always be this height.

Because genetics play such a big part in determining height, a formula has been reached to help determine (with some room for error) a person’s height. This formula is not exact, and due to many other growth-related factors, your results may vary.

  • Measure your mother and father and add the heights together.
  • Divide the total by 2.
  • Subtract either 2.5 inches or 5 inches (for girls) or add either 2.5 inches or 5 inches (for boys).
  • This total, plus or minus 4 inches, is how tall you can expect to grow.

You can also estimate how tall a child will be as an adult by doubling a child’s height at the age of 2. Or, for those who want more scientific approach, ask your doctor for your growth chart or heights. On each visit to the doctor, your height is measured and recorded. By using these measurements, you can plot a line and continue the pattern to estimate your height.

So, Just How Tall Am I Going To Be?

The answer to the question, “How tall am I going to be,” is affected by many parts of life. Genes, or any other factor, are not the sole decider in determining height. How tall you grow is based on all the factors discusses here: genes, race, diet, exercise and illness and disease. That is why is is so important to live a healthy lifestyle each day.

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