How To Be Taller

24 Apr

How To Be Taller Than You Use To Be

How To Be TallerIf you’ve found this article, then you’re probably doing research because you, or someone you know, would like to increase height.  Of course, being short does have its drawbacks.  Taller people tend to get all the best promotions, they tend to have more success, and they tend to get noticed.  This is perhaps why you are wondering if there where a way to grow taller, instead of staying short, sacrificing all those good things in life.

Well, this question really does depend on if you are reading this during puberty, or if you are reading this after puberty.  That is a huge question, and the answer will decide what you can do.

During Puberty

If you are reading this during puberty (under 21), and you’re wondering how to be taller then you’ve still got some room to grow.  In fact, the only deciding factor as to how large you can be is based on your growth plates.  Being that you are sill in puberty, your growth plates are in the process of expanding, which means that you are currently going through growth spurts.  These growth spurts may even cause slight pain, or “growing pains”.

How to be taller and capitalize on this opportunity depends largely on stretching, exercise, and especially your diet.  If you are doing none of these three, then you may not reach your full growth potential.

The key is to make sure that you are giving your growth plates something to work with.  In essence, how to be taller depends on what you give your body and how you treat those plates.

Stretching will definitely help in expansion, especially considering that you have these growth plates in your joints.  In addition to that, make sure you drink, you guessed it, lots of milk.  Milk is loaded with proteins, amino acids, and calcium.  Why do you need calcium?  Your growth plates are made of bone, of course!

After Puberty

Unfortunately, nature is done with you.  If you want to be taller, then you are going to have to use what nature has already given.  Then again, many of us are already not doing that.

Almost every human on planet earth has bad posture, especially having to do with slouching.  Slouching puts pressure on your lower back, upper back, and scapular bones.  When this pressure is present, you will actually reduce your height, crushing it within your body.  But, if you were to have good posture, you could take advantage of every inch that Mother Nature has given you.

In addition to that, you may find that you’ll need to “cheat” a bit.  Nothing will help you sell yourself like growing an inch… or five.  One of the best ways on how to be taller is to wear these little ingenuities called elevator shoes.  They will allow you to gain a deceptive 1-5 inches, and they will conceal the evidence of such trickery.  Also, they look just as fashionable as designer shoes, and they are some of the most comfortable kicks you will ever dawn.

Overall, for the post pubescent person, you might have to think outside the box.  In doing so, you might need to innovate your wardrobe, and do what is healthy in the first place.  Keeping good posture will not only give you the ability to appear taller, but it will also make you a healthier person overall.  Just make sure with your doctor before you get into any stretching, as this may ruin your whole day if you aren’t healthy enough for such activities.  Stretching exercises will help you increase your height by up to a few inches even after puberty by stretching your spine but you need to know what is the most effective kind of exercises to perform in order for the optimum result.

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