How To Walk In High Heels

22 Aug

A lot of girls out there want to wear high heels, but for some reason, they hesitate. High heels change the way you stand. The position of a lot of your muscles such as hips, calves, feet and the back also are altered. It is quite difficult at first to get comfortable in high heels. But with the right practice and guidance, you can master this art in no time.

Women generally wear heels to look more attractive. However, the majority experience pain while trying on high heels. Some even experience back pain.

Many women try to wear heels because is it the latest trend and all, but end up spraining their ankles or breaking their heels. It has even happened to some professional models on the ramp. If you have ever developed a complex by watching someone who could carry high heels perfectly, do not worry. You can do it to. And once you do learn to do it, you will feel really good and confident about yourself. Also, heels make your look taller and slimmer.

Here are a few pointers that will make you comfortable in heels in no time:

a)    Choose the right heels: Make sure that your heels fit perfectly. If they do not, you will never be able to walk in them properly. Make sure that the heels are according your style. Wedges are usually more comfortable than pencil heels. If you do not too much aggravation, you go for shoes that have thicker straps and cover more of your foot.

b)    Break in your heels: Practice walking around the house in your heels before you wear them outdoors. If you do not break into your heels, you will get blisters. Your shoes will get more comfortable as time passes. Try walking in your heels on different surfaces such as marbles, staircases and wooden floors. While walking down a staircase, be careful. You may fall down if you do not take precautions. Hold the side rail. Walking around with the heels will also reduce the slippery nature of the heels, making it ready for use.

c)    If you have to go to a dance wearing heels, then try dancing with the heels on at home first. There are a few dances such as salsa that actually require heels.

d)    Do it naturally: Walk naturally in your heels. Do not panic too much, as this will only disrupt your posture. Try taking smaller steps when you walk. Do not bend your knees too much. Do not even stand too straight. The higher the heels, the smaller steps you will have to take.

e)    Balance: Always remember to balance your entire weight on your foot. Do not place your entire weight on your toes. You will look like you are leaning forward if you do that. Also, do not place your entire weight on your heels. When walking in high heels, put your heel down first then put down your toes. Do this slowly and gracefully. Then slowly shift the weight to your toes and lift off for your next step.

f)     Good posture: Make sure that you maintain a good posture while walking in heels. If you slouch, all your hard work will be for nothing. You should look comfortable and cool when you wear heels. Keep swinging your arms slightly when you walk. This will help you maintain your balance. Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Do not look down while walking. Always look straight ahead. Do not keep your legs stretched apart when you walk. Keep your toes pointed out.

Imagine that you have a string attached to your head. This will help you in walking straight.

g)    Try to imagine that you are walking along a straight line. This will make you look more feminine and groovy. Keep one foot in front of the other when you walk in heels. This will require a lot of work, but in the end, it is all worth it.

h)    Make sure that the sole of the shoe lies completely flat on the floor. If the sole is inclined, you might fall when you wear the heels. Also, make sure that the heels are not broken. You might twist your ankle if you wear defective footwear.

i)      Before trying to walk in heels, learn to stand in heels. Maintain a good posture like you would when you are standing in flats. Stand in front of a mirror and try to turn around. You can check your posture like this. Then slowly, try to walk and turn around the room. When you master this, start walk around the house.

j)      If you are a total beginner at wearing heels, then start with shoes that have lesser heels. A two-inch heel will be good to begin with. Then slowly, you can progress to higher heels. Preferably, you can start with wedges or block heels. Remember, you will have to put in a lot of practice to walk gracefully in heels. Do not get discouraged and give up.

k)    If your shoes are a little too big, you can use insoles to make them more comfortable. Insoles make loose shoes fit. You do not need to give up a perfectly good pair of shoes just because they are a little too big.

l)      Do not wear heels 24*7. You will be getting blisters. Give your feet some rest. If you feel pain due to wearing heels, lessen the time you wear heels. Slowly and gradually increase your exposure. You can also do a few stretches to lessen the pain.

Wearing high heels does have its advantages. They make you look taller, more attractive, and more confident. It also enhances style and compliments a lot of dresses – short skirts, dresses and jeans alike. If you want to show off your well toned legs, then just put on a short skirt with high heels. High heels also enhance a woman’s posture, making it more lady-like. However, there are serious long-term disadvantages to this as well. Wearing heels put all the pressure on your lower back. The muscles in the foot- the bunions – get damaged by wearing heels for a long time. Nerve swellings also happen because of wearing high heels. You may also fall down and cause serious injuries to your back and foot. The price is too high.

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