Posture Myths

24 Aug

Myths surround postures are a plenty. Various people make up different notions about what they believe to be side effects of maintaining a bad posture or benefits of keeping a good posture. However, most are made up and ultimately untrue. Therefore, before you begin investing yourself in improving or maintaining a good posture, you must be well informed so that you don’t get trapped in the myth cage and end up with limited results. So, t is best if you try and decipher as well as research for yourself and separate the myth from the truth.

First let’s get the myth that good posture is extremely difficult to maintain or attain, out of the way. If you notice babies and have been around them, then you have obviously noticed that they move around a lot and don’t seem to be satisfied sitting in one place. This is not only because they are said to be more active than adults, but also because it takes immense effort to remain in one position. In the same manner, good posture is achieved when you are aware of your movements and the fluidity of your body. It will come naturally to you, once you begin raising yourself out of the slump that the inefficient posture has created around you.

There are many people who believe that a good posture is defined by not slumping in place. However, this could not be further from the truth. Sure, slumping may look bad, but essentially it is not as bad a thing as people make it out to be. This is primarily because, when you are sitting in a certain position, after some time you slump down in your seat. However, after a while you’ll realize that you are slumping and then correct your position. Notice that after this has happened quite a few times, your slumped position height has considerably increased. This means, that you are sitting straighter every time.

The most surprising and widely believed myth about postures is that many people believe that standing absolutely straight is what constitutes a perfect posture. However, this is not true. Standing straight does make for good posture, but the definition of straight for every person n this case is objective. When it comes to posture, standing straight essentially means to be in such a position that when you are to be in motion after being in static state, you can move quickly without having to alter or adjust.

Finally, there are many myths regarding what makes a good posture or a bad posture. However, in the end it is subjective and you must decide what suits your body type and needs best. Don’t go with the crowd and overlook the most obvious myths and discredited facts that are being thrown at you. At the end of the day, you have to live with your body and its posture so do what makes most sense to you and go about achieving a ‘good posture,’ in the most effective way that you know.

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