A Brief On How To Look Taller

14 Sep

Fashion is nothing but magic and magic is all about illusions. The right style and color of clothes will give you a thinner and taller look. As I said, fashion is all about illusion! If you can hide your pimples using some facial makeup, then you can certainly add a bit to your height, by wearing proper clothes. At least, make it look that way!

Let’s accept it; all of us are not gifted with a fantastic height. And lack of height at times adds to you frustration and you stand out in a crowd because of that. Now, that’s not desirable at all! It’s true, there isn’t much you can do about it; however you can certainly instill some magic to create illusions. Let me put t is simple words. You can look taller by wearing certain types of clothing. A well tailored skirt or a jacket not only makes you look slimmer, they also help you look taller.

Here are some fashion tips that would to make you look taller!

a)    Use high heels – One need not explain why high heels are useful when it comes to looking taller. High heels add some few inches to your height.

b)    Flared pants with high waist –   Flared pants with high waist give the impression of longer legs. When paired with chic heel, flared jeans elongate your legs.

c)    Use long pants – Try and avoid three-quarter style trousers or shorts because their design makes your legs look heavier and shorter. Choose pants of those designs, which cover the top of your shoes. It is even better, if they touch the floor!

d)    Show some leg – Wear skirts with a cut at the side. This will certainly make you look taller. In addition to this use high heels and dark colored tops. All these together will give you a taller look.

e)    Use Stripes – Diagonal and vertical stripes are certainly an undying fashion that allows you to give a fashionable and compact look. They make you look much taller by elongating your torso. A petite woman will always go for stripped cardigans, slacks or even shirts. Try and avoid using horizontal stripes, they can make you look short.

f)     V-necks – When it comes to tops, always go for v-necks. They elongates your neck which automatically adds to your over all height. If a V-neck top is tucked into a high-waist skirt or a trouser, it increases the optical illusion.

Dwelling on what you don’t have is not a smart thing to do. Instead you should try and overcome the drawbacks. It is true that a good height always adds to your over all personality. But, what if you don’t have one? Well, you can certainly make yourself “look” taller that what you are!

Besides the above mentioned fashion tips, there are various exercises which helps to add a few inches to your height. Some of them are chin-ups, parallel bar work outs and swimming. So, try and follow these tips. They would certainly yield positive results.

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