Tips For Men To Look Taller

26 Sep

Men with short height have a grudge in them. That is “why I am so short?” It can be really frustrating to feel that you are unnoticed when you walk into a party and the presence of taller men adds to your frustration. Men with a good height always catch the attention, their presence seems to be much more appealing and their overall personality seems to be very manly.

What is even more frustrating is when you come across any woman who is taller than you. It is an insult! Though, there is no fault of yours. This is the way, the almighty has created you. Once you gave crossed the age of 24, there is nothing much you can to enhance your height. However, you can certainly create an illusion among others. What kind of an illusion am I talking about? Well, it is an optical illusion, where you would appear to be much taller than what you are! This illusion is created by the dress you wear. All you need to do is to be a bit selective with your choice of dress.

Here are few tips for men to look taller –

a)     Wear Vertical Stripes – Try and wear shirts and trouser which have vertical stripes on them. A vertical line gives a tall impression, so when you wear vertical stripped shirt, the upper portion of your body appears to be much more elongated. It is always advisable to wear vertical stripped trousers. Your lower body that is from your torso till you toe is the lengthiest part of your entire structure. Vertically stripped pants will add more length to it.

b)    Tight Fitting Clothing– Always try and wear those clothes which have a tight fitting. This would serve dual purpose for you. You will look more skinny and taller. Tight fitting clothes makes your entire body look much more compact, which in turn gives it an elongated look.

c)     Shoes – Shoes plays a very important role to make you look taller. Always pick those shoes which have thicker and higher soles. Higher soles means, your height is automatically being elongated by few inches. This is the most common way to look taller.

d)    Always Maintain a Straight PostureDon’t lean down while you are walking. Be straight and as upright as possible. In this way you will use all the height you have.

e)    High Collars Choose shirts which have high collars. This will automatically add to your height.

There are many other tricks which can be used to appear taller. These are the simplest of means. However, if you are prepared to sustain some hardship, then there is a possibility that you might actually end up adding one or two inches to your height. I am talking about some height enhancing workouts. These exercises are quite tough and in order to get the desired result, you need to be persistent. Don’t expect overnight results. Remember, once you have crossed the age of 24, your growth hormones stops functioning, so, in order to add a few more inches, you need to work it out.

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