Yoga For Better Posture

26 Aug

Poor posture may cause you really bad problems when you grow old. People who did not give importance to their posture in their young days suffer in their older days mostly due to back problems. The importance of the right posture is realized by people in their mid adulthood, when they start to have concerned problems.

In our busy day to day lives we find it very difficult to keep reminding ourselves of correcting the body posture that we are working with. Most of us just let our body go as it is happy to move. While working on computers, we bend our neck and spine that causes our posture to distort, and also causes pain in the long run. We also sleep in awkward positions and wake up with headaches and body aches. Practicing yoga can help us get rid of all these troubles. It is seen by the help of modern scientific experiments and observations that practicing yoga postures help to maintain our body posture.

Yoga, in addition to increasing the awareness of the mind, also lengthens the spine and strengthens the core of your body. It is the most natural and without side effect way of maintaining one’s posture. The spine is the part of the body that holds our body throughout the day. If proper care is not taken, then it may get bent and damaged and cause severe future problems. Moreover the correct body posture makes you look good, tall and smart. The correct body posture is that when the back is straight, shoulders square and relaxed, chin up, chest out, and your stomach in. There are various poses that are to be practiced in yoga, that help you to regain your lost perfect posture. Let us see these in detail.

Tadasana or the mountain’s pose: It may not feel like yoga pose for the image of yoga that we have in our mind, but it is. In this you have to stand on our feet and feel the ground. Open your chest with your arms at your sides. Slightly tuck in your tailbone and roll your shoulders back and down to lower your shoulder blades. Keep your body aligned straight. Though it looks easy but when done correctly this pose is pretty complex and teaches us to feel our body when it is perfectly in straight alignment. This pose is the best to teach us how to stand with the correct posture.

Uttasana or the standing forward bent pose: This pose literally makes you feel like your spine is lengthening as you bend forward towards your feet. Hold your elbows above your head with opposite hands. Breathe while you are getting in this stance. While bending your spine down, exhale. Repeat the process five to eight times.

Bhujangasana or the cobra’s pose: This pose is ideal for stretching the back and opening the chest. Lay down on the ground with your stomach facing the ground. Place your hand on the ground in front you in a sphinx position. Then slowly straighten your arms to get into the full stance of a cobra. Bring your shoulders away from your ears, while keeping your length from toe to pelvis straight on the ground. This yoga helps you to strengthen your back.

Virasana or the hero’s pose: It is a very graceful stance that straightens your shoulders and also massages the lower back and knees. This is a seated yoga hence it is very difficult to slouch. Sit straight on your heels, so that your face is facing exactly in the forward direction. If you have any injuries or complications in your knees then this yoga is not recommended for you. If you cannot sit on your heels then you can always use pillows or cushions. Do not stress your body too much to do something that it cannot. That can be dangerous sometimes.

Balasana or the child’s pose: This pose is known as the resting pose. Sit back on your heels and reach your arms back towards your legs. This yoga symbolizes the positioning of a human in the womb. This is a deeply relaxing exercise for the back and the shoulders of the body, which provide as the key features of maintaining one’s posture.

Salabhasana or the locust’s pose: This is yet another pose for strengthening the back. In this pose you have to lie down on your stomach flat on the ground. Then lift your legs, your head and your hands as high as you can, so that your body is resting only on your stomach. Your head should be facing forward. This yoga needs precaution to implement.

All direction back stretch: This is an effective stretch to improve body posture, strengthen the backbone and muscles, lengthen the spine and relax a tired back.

Marjariasana or the cat’s pose: In this pose you sit on your knees and palms, with your face facing forward and your toes facing backwards. This yoga is another good posture for the spine that helps you be more flexible.

Utakatasana or the chair’s pose: This stance also helps you to strengthen your back. This yoga is specially made for the lower back, hips and knees. It relaxes and warms up the knees and hipbone.

Hence we can see that yoga helps in maintaining your body’s perfect posture. More over it facilitates breathing, increases concentration, improves your image in front of the world, makes you feel better about yourself, and helps you avoid health complications. You can always practice yoga in the morning just when you get you or even during the day time. It always helps you to relax you body and helps it realize the correct posture to stay in. After some time of practicing these yoga postures you will start to feel confident and will start to sit work with the correct postures. The benefits of these small things are realized in the late adult hood when you see people suffering from backaches and you are totally fit and fine.

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