Exercise and Height

11 Sep

Lack of exercise can affect your height later on in your life. A healthy amount of exercise is good for many things in your life, and exercise is one of them. Skimping or avoiding your next gym session may mean that you are sacrificing a few inches off of your total height, leaving you short for the rest of your life. That can’t always be a bad thing; many people prefer to be short rather than excessively tall.

When you were young, you probably were eager to exercise and play every day; grabbing onto the highest bars of the jungle gym and getting first in line at the slides were the only things on your mind. A lot of these exercises, in fact, have a lot to do with helping you get taller later in life. One of the elements in these exercises is centrifugal force, which stretches your body outwards, resulting in an increase in height.

exercise and height

Growing Taller With Exercise

The amount and types of exercises that you perform can be correlated with your current height. Some people often think height has a lot to do with heredity and genetics, and while they may be right, there is also scientific evidence to back up growing taller with exercise. It can sometimes depend on your genetics too, but exercise has been proven to work.

Exercise comes in many different shapes and forms as you age. As a child, exercise is a fairly regular occurrence; going outside and playing with your friends should have given you all the physical workout you needed while growing. But as you get older, you become engrossed in other things like work and other hobbies. Unless your work involves constant, strenuous physical activity, then the amount of exercise you get as an adult is stark in contrast to when you were younger.

This may also be a concern for some adults who feel that they are too short, even at their mature age. Strenuous physical exercise and routines is universally accepted as a way of maintaining your personal health and recent studies have shown that it can also help you grow to a height that is normal for your age.

Getting to a normal height can also be a matter of self-esteem for majority of people. In a society that has established norms about a person’s appearance and height, one may often feel ridiculed if he is not of a certain height. These reasons and many more may even encourage adults to try and get taller than they already are.

Exercises That Will Help You Get Taller

Regardless of the reason of why you wish to become taller, exercise can truly help you get there. Instead of relying on growth supplements that often have dubious health benefits, exercise has proven time and time again to improve a person’s overall health. Now, exercise has even been found to improve your height, depending on the amount of work you put into it.

Some of these exercises are even easy enough to do by yourself at home.

  • Basic Leg Stretching – While sitting on your floor, spread your legs as far apart from each other as possible. Keep your knees as straight as possible while you try to reach your toes on one leg. Move from your hips and keep your spine straight; try not to arch your upper spine while doing this exercise.
  • The Super Stretch – While standing, reach as high up as you can with your hands and arms while slightly leaning back. As you feel the stretch in your spine, stretch more for about five seconds before repeating. This exercise can be done while standing or while lying down.
  • The Cobra – Lie on the ground, face down and put your palms on the ground directly below your shoulders. Slowly arch your body upwards, leading your head and spine with your chin. Arch as far back as you can manage, holding the stance for about 15 seconds before repeating.
  • The Super Cobra – After performing the Cobra exercise, reverse the position by arching your body and spine in the opposite direction. Bring your body up into an inverted U position, getting on all fours. Bring your body into this bent position for about 15 seconds before repeating again.
  • The Cat Stretch – Get on your hands and knees while locking your arms out. Flex your spine downwards, exhaling as you tilt your head towards the ceiling. Perform the opposite after about 5 seconds; exhale as you arch your spine upwards, flexing your spine upwards.
  • Wall Stretch – Stand against a wall and reach as high up as possible. You can tip-toe as you do this, just so long as you keep as flat on the wall as possible. Every repetition can last up to 8 seconds, depending on how uncomfortable you become.
  • The Downhill – Put your hands together behind your back as you stand up, and bend down as far as you possibly can by the waist. Swing your arms as high as you can upwards behind your back for a mean flex.
  • The Yawn – Stand with your arms locked behind your neck and bend backwards as far as you can possibly manage.

Hopefully, these exercises can lead to a taller, healthier you. Exercising for your height, as well as your general well-being, can help you manage a busy adult lifestyle.

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