Medical Problems That Stunt Growth

3 Sep

You usually start growing taller when you hit puberty and stop growing at the age of about 18 or so. You should generally not expect any growth after this age. There may be only a little growth after this age. You can achieve this by taking a proper diet and exercising.

The prime factor in determining a person’s height is genetics. Your height will depend on what the height of most people in your family is. Your bone structure is also inherited from your family members. If you have a lean and tall bone structure, then you were born blessed. However, if your bone structure is short and heavy, then you are going to have a tough time increasing your height.

Some people suffer from ailments as kids that prevent them from growing tall. One of these illnesses is meningitis. Make sure that your body receives all the necessary nutrients. Also, make sure that the growth hormone is being produced properly in your body.

Besides eating and exercising, get plenty of sleep. If you exercise and do not rest properly, your muscles will not heal. This will hamper your growth. For an adult, around 8 hours of sleep is necessary. You should take a sound nap, otherwise you will be tired and cranky all day and also because Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are mainly produced during the sleeping hours.

While sleeping, take care of your posture. Do not use a soft mattress and thick pillow. Try to sleep on your back, as this will give you a good posture. Also, don’t sleep with your neck bent, or else, you will wake up with a back ache. While you are awake also, be cautious about your posture. You may have already grown to your full height, but my practicing a proper posture, you will be able to make yourself look even taller.

Exercise and stretching can help you grow a little even after your growth plates have closed. Few simple stretched for all body parts, combined with few strength training exercises should work wonders for you. Combined with this, you can also take a few dressing tips to make yourself look taller. Heels, vertical stripes, perfectly fitting clothes, all these things will help you in enhancing the height you already have.

Studies have shown that people can still to grow about 2-6 inches after the age of 18. You will be able to do that with some professional help. In adults, growth stops because the bone fusing has completed. The growth plates (epiphyseal plate) is present on both sides of the bone and is converted into a epiphyseal line when the growth stops. There is process called distraction osteogenesis that helps adults grow. Many times, people have abnormal body proportions and a stocky bone structure. Many such bone defects exists that stunt the growth in people as kids. Some bone defects are skeletal dysplasia and chondrodystrophy. These may be caused by genetic factors as well as due to abnormal growth.

Premature births may also be a reason for retarded growth of children. They were not fully developed when they were in the womb. Also, the mother may have suffered an illness or infection during the pregnancy. Children who are born with this problem are almost impossible to treat.

A genetic factor known as the Turner Syndrome which mainly affects girls is also responsible for stunted growth. Girls who suffer from this are less than 5 inches in height and also lack feminine characteristics due to underdeveloped ovaries. If you feel that you might be suffering from Turner Syndrome, then immediately see a doctor because this is treatable. Not only will your ovaries start functioning better, but your height will also increase a few inches as a result of taking synthetic hormones.

Another problem that causes stunted growth is the early onset of puberty. This may happen due to genetic factors, or because of a tumor in the adrenal gland, pituitary gland, or the ovaries. In case of the tumor, it can just be removed and with proper treatment, you have a chance of growing. If you were hit by puberty earlier than you should have, they will notice that you were growing fast at first, but then growth stopped early. The solution is to this problem is a hormone called Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone, which will work on you even if you have already reached your 20s.

Thyroid malfunction also causes lesser growth. Thyroid produces hormones, and hormones are responsible for growth. Any deficiency in the hormones produced will hamper both the physical and mental growth of a child. If you think you may be suffering from this problem, then visit a doctor and get it treated at the earliest. There is a simple blood test to identify this. Treatment includes giving the deficient hormones in form of pills. However, the problem is that this has to be identified in childhood, otherwise nothing can be done about it later on.

The growth hormone is mainly responsible for height development. If for some reason, as a child you did not produce enough of HGH, you will grow slowly and will have a disproportionate body structure. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. Along with the deficiency of growth hormone, other hormones may also be imbalanced in the body. The treatment for this is taking the deficient hormones in the form of pills. Over secretion of the growth hormone is also troublesome. You will grow abnormally tall, a condition called acromegaly.

Some extreme methods to increase height after you have stopped growing include surgery. Bones are cut and devices are placed between then to make them longer. This is extremely painful. This is not worth the risk. You can even grow a little naturally.

First of all, keep your diet proper. Apart from the essential micronutrients, vitamins and minerals hold the key for growing taller. You will have to take special care of yourself if you are over 22 years of age and want to grow taller. Calcium is also critically important. Strictly avoid trans fat and empty calories. Also, increasing your sunlight exposure will make your body absorb more Vitamin D.

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