Adopt The Right Fashion To Look Taller

30 Sep

Some actors/celebrities appear to be tall despite their short height. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer is quite simple. It is the designer suits which make them look taller. The most important thing is, they know how to wear and what to wear.

The following fashion tips will help you look taller with the help of illusions.

Taller Tips

Before we get on with the fashion recommendations, the following are some of the basic tips that will help you look taller –

  • It is essential to maintain a good posture. If you wish to use your maximum height, make sure you always sit straight and stand with your head high. A leaned stance will make you look even shorter. It is also considered to be a sign of “no confidence”.
  • Always maintain short hair. Short hair reveals your neck and shoulders and gives an elongated look to the upper portion of your body.
  • If you wish to look taller, then it is very important to stay trim and fit all the time. If you can add some volume to your shoulder, that too will help you look taller.

Fashion Tips For Shorter Men

The below mentioned tips will certainly help you look a few inches taller than what you are:

  • While selecting a jacket or a short, avoid designs and patterns.
  • Always choose classic or slim fit pants. Wide fits will surely make you look shorter.
  • Be it shirts, pants or suits; always go for the vertical stripes. Vertical lines create an illusion.
  • Always wear top and bottom of the same shade or color. For example, if you are wearing a denim jean, go for the top with same color. If you don’t have one, you can use a similar shaded top.
  • Make sure your clothes fit well. Well fitted clothes make you look taller.


a)    Make sure that you blazers and jackets fall a little below your buttocks.

b)    Do not wear blazers or jackets which has more than three buttons. They will make you look even shorter.

c)     For the optimum results, wear your trousers above your hip. Avoid wearing them too high.

d)    Avoid using low-rise pants.

e)    Wear pants which are long enough to cover your socks and they end right above your shoes.

f)     Wear V-neck’s. They will make the upper portion of your body look elongated.

g)    Impose a strict no-no on “baggy” style. They will make you look wider and shorter.

There is a difference between “being taller” and “looking taller”. When you are trying to create an illusion, there is every possibility that you might get caught. So, be consistent with your style. Don’t ever try those pills which claim to enhance your height by couple of inches. They would do no good and can harm you seriously. These are nothing but steroids. If you wish to add some inches, then go for swimming and start practicing yoga. For people under the age of 24, these two forms of workouts will certainly help to increase their height.

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