Advantages of Growing Taller

10 Sep

So you know that you want to boost your height that extra inch, but seem to lack the necessary motivation to do so? Then, first try and convince yourself mentally that growing taller is something you seriously want; list all the benefits that tall people have and then see how they suit you and will also further improve your life as well as your self esteem. It is important that you convince yourself completely to pursue this; otherwise all your efforts will probably go to waste in the end. Further, as long as you are not mentally prepared to do it, physically you will be devoid of action and will find yourself at square one.

For the most obvious reason, tall people generally get noticed more. The simple reason being that they can be easily spotted in a crowd. So essentially, tall people have the advantage of standing out on most occasions. By standing out, it does not mean that they poke out like a sore thumb; rather, they create this aura around themselves that forces others to take notice of them. In most situations this is rather favorable as this also enhances a person’s personality for the better.

This is especially good wen it comes to social matters. However being unreasonably tall may cause people to stay away.

In today’s society, there is a certain tag that comes along with a physically attractive person. In eight examples out of ten, all the people considered to be attractive as per societal norms, all have good height. These people are tall and their height plays a major role in enhancing their attractiveness. Especially, when it comes to men, many people believe that tall men are usually more attractive as compared to shorter men.

Then there comes the factor of uniqueness. There may be a large number of people who are tall I today’s world, but then again there is an approximately equal number of comparatively shorter people. Therefore, along will being noticeable and attractive, being tall is a unique and a rather desired trait to have. In today’s times, everyone want to be tall or be of a certain height. This increases the uniqueness and advantage that comes with being a tall person.

Finally, if you are a tall person, then that’s great; however, if you are a short person, then it is great too. Even though the tall people have their advantages, the short people do too. It is important that we are satisfied with the height we have and learn to live with it peacefully. Once you are out of your development stage, increasing your height is next to impossible, so learn to be satisfied with it and allow yourself to accept it in your own way. Come up with unique ways that assure you why your height suits you best and then you will come to love it and appreciate it in your own way. So don’t lose heart, surely there are people out there who are shorter than you!

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