Fashion Tips For Ladies To Look Taller

18 Sep

If you’re short, then your height can at times be a serious hurdle to your style. Science is yet to develop any definite methods that would help you add few extra inches; however, there are certain tricks, which might help you “look” a bit taller, than what you actually are! In this article, I shall try and reveal the secret of looking taller. Do you need to have magic wand? No you don’t. It can be accomplished using whatever you have at your disposal.

a)     Use flared jeans – Jeans with a flared bottom create the impression of a longer leg, particularly when the edge hits the top of your shoes (It’s your heels I am talking about) The ploy here is to keep the fit of the jean slim through the leg, and to make sure that the waistband does not get any lower than your natural waist.

b)    Use maxi skirts – It is said, that women with shorter stature cannot wear long dresses as they look odd. This is an entirely wrong concept. On the contrary, a well fitted long skirt would help you give a taller look.

c)     “Top knot” rocks  – “Top knot” is a hair style, where you pile your hair on top of your head. It helps create a vertical line and gives a taller impression.

d)    Same color combination – Color could be used to enhance the illusion of height. Always try and use the same color combination. What I mean is, your top and your skirt or your trouser must be of the same color, you may use different shades, but the base color should remain the same.

e)    Use high-waist bottoms – High-waist bottoms, elongates your lower body and gives an impression of a much taller look. Whether you put on shorts, tight jeans or skirts, make sure that your waist is visible. You can achieve this by using a cropped top or a tailored blouse. Make sure to tuck in the blouse.

f)     Use low cut vamp heels – Shoes with low cut vamp helps to elongate the legs and they also makes your legs look much slimmer, especially when you are wearing shorts or skirts.

Not all of us are gifted with the desired height. You may be beautiful and have a great personality, but your height has always been your weak point. There is nothing you can do to add those extra inches. However, using the above mentioned tricks you can create an illusion that would help you look taller than what you are.

There is something which I would like to add in this context. Please, do not ever try any sort of medication to enhance your height. Doesn’t matter how tempting the advertisement is; make sure you stay away from them. These medicines are nothing but steroids, which would directly affect the somatotropin, which is the growth hormone in our body. These pills might add half an inch to your height, but invariably would affect your nervous system. So, be happy with what the all mighty has given you. However, there is no harm in fooling others!

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