How To Grow Taller During Puberty

22 May

Use Puberty To Your Advantage And Grow Taller

How To Grow Taller During PubertyWhen a person’s body begins producing extra amounts of hormones, it is the start of puberty, and the hormones cause many physical and emotional changes. Some people mistakenly believe all of their height comes from how much they grow during puberty. There are many factors at play in the determination of a person’s height. However, there are guides that show you how to grow taller during puberty.

Enhancing Your Height

During puberty, you body chemistry changes and hormones and other chemicals are released. Ways to increase the growth hormones your body releases are to eat foods that contain natural growth enhancers or by taking growth supplements.

Many vitamins assist in growth and bone strength/density, which will have the biggest impact on your height. Minerals also play an important role in your diet and your body’s ability to grow. Puberty is an extremely important time to eat healthy, take care of your body and know how to grow taller. During puberty, without the proper intake, your body cannot produce the chemicals, nutrients and hormones it needs to.

Here are the vitamins and minerals you should focus on to help you grow during puberty:

  • Vitamin A does a lot for our bodies. Not only does it aid with vision and boost your immune system, it also helps in the growth and development of the cells in your body. Vitamin A is found in milk, eggs, carrots, cantaloupe, peaches and mangoes. Teens need between 700 and 900 micrograms a day. Long-term overdoses of Vitamin A can cause liver damage.
  • Vitamin C helps your body absorb calcium, which in turn helps keep your bones strong. Citrus fruits are the easiest way to get Vitamin C, but it is also found in red berries, green bell peppers and spinach. Teens should get 65-75 milligrams of Vitamin C each day.
  • Vitamin D also helps your body absorb calcium. Egg yolks, fish oils and fortified foods contain Vitamin D, but the easiest and cheapest way is to soak up the sun’s rays as your body manufactures the vitamin when you are in the sun. Fifteen milligrams is the recommended daily dose for teenagers.
  • Phosphorous is needed by every cell in the body in order to function normally. It is found in most foods, but the best sources are milk, eggs and meat. Teenagers should get 1,250 milligrams a day.
  • Calcium is vital to build strong teeth and bones, and it also helps prevent bone loss and deterioration in older adults. Dark green, leafy vegetables contain calcium, as well as broccoli, milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. Teenagers need 1,300 milligrams of calcium each day.
  • Magnesium keeps bones strong and helps the body make protein. Nuts, seeds, whole-grain breads, potatoes and avocados are rich in magnesium. The daily dosage of magnesium ranges 360-410 milligrams for teenagers.

How To Grow Taller During Puberty With Exercise

Certain exercises and stretches can enhance growing by keeping your body and spine healthy and flexible. Focus on core-strengthening exercises like yoga, running, swimming and martial arts. With stronger muscles in your back, abs and legs, you will have better posture, promoting a straighter spine. Spine curvature can significantly reduce your height. Even those with scoliosis can correct their spine to gain some inches. With spine exercises and stretches, be sure not to strain or overextend to avoid serious injury.

The majority of a person’s height comes from the legs. The calf and hamstring muscles should be kept toned and flexible for better posture. Kickboxing is a great way to tone your legs and keep them flexible.

To take care of your spine, try a dead-hang stretch with a door bar, support beam or a chin-up bar. Grab the bar with both hands and allow your body to hang freely. Your legs should not touch the floor. This will help stretch and straighten your spine, undoing some of the damage caused by poor posture.

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