Reasons to Maintain Good Posture

20 Aug

When trying to answer the question of why you should maintain a good posture, you are basically being asked how negatively does bad posture affect you. Bad posture has a long string of side effects that eventually not only affect your personality but also your life in general. Maintaining a bad posture may not seem to be that big of a problem in the beginning but if you keep at it then it can prove to be a huge obstacle. So, don’t overlook the negative outcomes of keeping a bad posture and correct it when you can and as quickly as possible.

Increases Susceptibility to Depression

A recent study proves that if you slouch while walking and don’t keep your head up while sitting then it evokes strong feelings of depression. The primary reason for this being that when you walk around in a slumped manner and sit with your eyes not looking forward then it basically reflects the inner under confidence that you feel about yourself. Thus, while walking, not making eye contact with people and reflecting a personality that is not confident in general, shows that you have underlying feelings of being depressed or have extremely low self esteem.

Workplace Environment Will Be Affected

Maintaining a good posture will probably not only reflect positively on your personality, but also show your employers and colleagues that you are active and good on the job. A bad posture means slouching when walking into your employer’s office or workplace and creating a bad impression. In the work arena, impressions are probably everything and they influence your career in a great way. Therefore, you must ensure that you leave the bad posture at the gate when you enter your workplace or face some serious problems.

Improves Your Health Considerably

Further, maintaining a good posture reduces death risks and diseases. It can improve your health I general and leave you feeling more happy and fulfilled in life. Not only will maintaining a good posture, influence you positively on a mental and physical level; rather, it will also allow you to view things from a more optimistic perspective. As a result of this, your stress levels will also inevitably decrease. While keeping a bad posture, will have the opposite effect: it will cause health deterioration and also increase your stress in general.

Finally, good posture is ultimately good for your personality and allows you to portray yourself to the world in a good light. Therefore, you must try your best to not go down the path of slouching and keeping your head and shoulders down while walking or sitting. So, keep reminding yourself of all the positive effects and the negative outcomes that keeping a good and bad posture respectively can have. Therefore, go ahead and give it a try. When the going gets tough, give yourself reasons as to why you should improve your bad posture, rather than focusing at the other end of the spectrum.

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