Stand TALL: Increase Your Growth Hormone

28 Sep

Health consciousness is the current trend, with everyone paying more attention to how they look and feel inside; it is no surprise that HEIGHT seems to be gathering a fair amount of interest.

Well, where there is an interest; there is always room for a market and scope for money. There has been an increase in media buzz with health magazines, TV shows, and several commercials reiterating the importance of healthy living. Maintaining a healthy body positively impacts the mind and soul, thereby creating a congenial and thriving environment to grow and evolve in.

This article looks at understanding ways and means to increase the growth hormone. Increasing the potential of the growth hormone will ensure you stay healthy in mind, body and soul.

The Pituitary gland, located at the base of the human brain is responsible for the secretion and release of the human growth hormone. The human growth hormone is known to be responsible for the growth and development of your body.

Well, in other words, it is what makes your nails and hair grow as long as they do; your body grow as tall as it does. So, for all of you who want to grow tall; understanding ways and means to ensure your growth hormone is functioning at its highest potential is vital.

Adults who enter the age of 30 years walk into a period in human life scientifically termed as ‘somatopause’; where growth levels begin to drop at a drastic rate when compared to the years before. It’s a matter of great relief that scientists and experts in the field of genetics have found ways and means to help the body produce and control the secretion of HGH naturally. This has been achieved by seeking the help of alternative and scientific remedies. However this field of study is still at its teething stage, and needs a few more of case studies and proven cases to gain the public’s widespread acceptance.

Taking control of your nutrition and physical activities is one way to stimulate its growth.

The importance of exercise and diet

The best way to kick in some HGH is to train hard and sweat it out. Including some high intensity workouts along with some rigorous cardiovascular exercises will help increase the production of the hormone. Once you start working out on a regular basis, it is important to replenish and rejuvenate your body with the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help combat any wear and tear your body might be subjected to and will enhance your prospects of growing tall. Therefore, avoid consuming foods that are processed and rich in sugar; instead opt for foods that are rich in fibre and protein.

Alright then, that being done; let’s understand how HGH therapy helps stimulate height growth in under developed children.

There are so many times, when a child’s growth pattern seems to be screaming ‘underdeveloped’ but parents and adults tend to ignore this obvious inadequacy in growth as something that will fix itself in time. Although this is true in most cases, where children tend to look scrawny and short all through their early years only to soar sky high in height and growth a few years later; some kids might really have what is called ‘stunted or underdeveloped growth’.

Most often than not, it is easy to detect the difference between slow and underdeveloped growth. If you notice such a deficiency in your child or close one; ensure you take them to an expert doctor in the related field.

Children diagnosed with signs of underdeveloped or stunted growth need to be treated at an early age; and for this to be possible it is imperative that they be detected at the earliest. Once detected, the child should be treated well within the growth completion cycle; before the bones fuse together and function as a single unit that has little or no scope for further expansion. Sometimes, treatment involves injecting an administered dosage of synthetic HGH into the child’s body. However as this method looks to utilising advanced science and research, it can be quite time consuming and expensive for some. So, if there is a medical need, ensure you go prepared and equipped.

Note that administering HGH injections into children and adults of normal growth and HGH levels would do nothing to enhance and increase their growth further. It is only recommended as a medical aid for young children with growth deficiency- That too, under the prescription and supervision of a panel of expert doctors in the field.

The above method might seem a bit too stretched in terms of the sheer complexity, expense and uniqueness of the treatment. In addition to that, there are only a handful of doctors qualified to do the job and hence, makes it all the more difficult for the public to look at it as a convenient and accessible option. Thankfully, there are safer and more accessible ways to administer the required levels of HGH into an individual. HGH supplements and tablets contain the required amount of proteins and amino acids to stimulate natural synthesis of HGH levels in the body. What makes a more viable option is that it is tested and proven to be safe by doctors and is affordable and easy on the wallet. However, bear in mind that such treatments should only be propagated and followed under the strict supervision and intervention of doctors.

So, if you think you could do with some extra inches under your heels; and want to increase your chances of growing tall, take the first step forward and visit a doctor. They have the expertise and knowledge to guide you in your journey. Restore your HGH levels, give your body all the nutrition and exercise it requires, back yourself and give it your best shot. You are sure to come out a winner. You’ll see yourself transform into taller, confident, resilient and radiant form of your older self.

All the very best!

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