Problems Faced By Tall People

16 Sep

Tall people face more problems than average heighted people. There is a large list of problems faced by tall people. Let us discuss them.

People are always asking tall people to reach out for things kept at heights, where they cannot reach. This is one of the most common socially awkward positions, which the tall people are put into.

Especially for women, they find it hard to explain every time that they never played basketball. People are always asking taller women if they attended to basketball sessions in their school. This can be really frustrating. Everyone expects you to be good at sports but you are not. On the other hand, most of the people who have above average height find it difficult to stay in full control of their motor skills. They find it hard to catch a ball or run efficiently like other normal beings.

Tall people find it hard to maneuver themselves through normally constructed doors and under ceilings of ordinary houses. Not only that they find it hard to fit themselves on average sized beds.

Tall people find it hard to fit in normal cars. Their head is stuck in the roof of the cars and the leg space is also not adequate for them. Sports cars are a menace for tall people. They can only fit into large family cars that too with great difficulty.

Normal people also consider taller people to be in modeling. This is a general misconception. And the people don’t even hesitate to ask you such socially awkward questions.

Problems faced by tall people also include difficulty in seeing their face in normal mirrors. In their own houses they can adjust the mirror size and alignment but when they go out to some other place like a motel, they have to face difficulty with the looking mirror.

Taller people require comparatively larger space to fit in. This can be annoying for people around them. This leads to a frustrating and not so healthy environment to attend to. This problem is seen while travelling in public transport systems and also while attending meetings in public places.

Tall people always find it difficult in swimming pools. The deep end of the pool is always less than the needs of taller people. Moreover it is discomforting to the other people in the pools. This problem is the same in the bath tubs. Tall people find it hard to fit themselves into the general sized bathtubs. They have to get custom made bathtub to suite their convenience.

A general problem faced by tall people is that they cannot find the clothes of their size. They either have to select from the extra large section, in which there is very less clothes to chose from; or they have to get their clothes tailored, which is expensive. Tall people find it hard to choose from a limited stock of their size and if they try to put on normal sized clothed, they hardly cover their body.

The next frustrating thing about being tall is that everybody is asking you about your height. Those who dare to go on with the frustration can live, but most of the taller people seclude themselves from public and prefer to stay alone.

Taller people find it hard and frustrating to get into relationships with people of average height. They are always poked about their needs and habits that are mandatory for them. Hence the relationships do not last for very long. It is specially the problem of taller women. It is a general mindset that the guy should be taller than the girl if they are together. Taller women find it hard to find men that can accept them as they are.

In the office cubicles tall people find it hard to fit in the normal sizes desks. They find it hard to fit their knees under the desk. This proves as a hindrance in concentrating in your work.

In the crowds everybody uses taller people as if they are geographical features. They send out their locations with respect to the tall person beside them.

Tall people find it hard to go on into the amusement ride such as roller coasters. This can also be dangerous and cause injuries to other people also.

If you are tall and you are somehow interested in sports, then you always get to be the goalie. Gym class teachers can be torturous with this thing if they do not understand enough.

The common problem faced by tall people who socialize is that they always have to stand in the back of the group pictures. It is like knowing your place during a group photo. This is frustrating at times. On the other hand some of the taller people have to slouch to get in the frame.

Some people even use the taller people for blocking wing and sunlight.

Tall people find themselves surrounded with points of open umbrellas during rain. This can cause injuries if the person with above average height is not paying attention to it.

Taller people are always being pointed out in the crowd. This makes them be in a strange position. Kids as well as immature adults point out the taller people in the crowd to show to their fellow people. This makes the tall people feel like they do not belong there. These offhanded comments make the normal heighted people think like they can insult the taller guys, while the tall people generally do not mean any harm to be caused. They just want to get accepted in the society just like everybody else.

People find it hard to get comfortable with people taller than them. Hence they do not talk to you properly and give you negative vibrations. They pass sarcastic comments for taller people and make every effort to make them feel socially awkward. This is not a nice approach towards things. One must always be happy with what he has and try to make others comfortable.

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